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The Hardy Boys: It's What's (Almost) For Dinner

Sam and Dean come out of the house to see Officer Hottie exiting the barn. They meet in the muddy lane and tell her that Missy is "locked in the closet." Like a closet would stop her. Dean asks about the dad, and Officer Hottie lies that he tried to get away so she had to shoot him. The boys gulp a few times and everybody glances around nervously. The three walk out, I guess toward Officer Hottie's car, and Dean exposits that he "think[s] the car is at the police station." I sure have missed the Metallicar in this episode. Officer Hottie has radioed for backup. She solemnly informs the brothers that the FBI and state police are going to want to talk with them. Just before telling them to hightail it out of there! Dean asks if they can get a ride out of the backwoods, but Officer Hottie has decided to stop letting him charm her, and she tells them to start walking. Dean can't turn the charm off, though. He tells her that he's sorry about her brother, and Officer Hottie tears up, saying that she thought it would be easier once she found out what happened to him. One tight smile later, the boys are on their way down the lane.

Dean nonsensically demands that Sam never "do that again." Awww. He tries to tough it up by telling Sam that next time he vanishes, he's not coming looking. The camera pulls back as we watch the brothers saunter down the road together, Sam ribbing Dean for having gotten "sidelined by a thirteen-year-old girl" and Dean, as always, with the quick comeback: "Shut up." And maybe I'm sick, but I sort of feel like Missy should be trailing the boys and grinning like a maniac.

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