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The Hardy Boys: It's What's (Almost) For Dinner

Officer Hottie walks by a series of decrepit outbuildings, before coming upon the old "farmhouse," which sort of looks like it's been teleported itself. From nineteenth-century London. Officer Hottie is pensive, but walks through the mud up to the front door. She knocks on the front door, which is slowly opened by a truly creepy young girl in red muslin and ratty boots and nearly dread-locked dirty hair, who is acting inbred by holding her shoulders up by her neck. Respectable choice, I'd say. She immediately walks up to Officer Hottie and fondles her badge while asking who she is. In response to Officer Hottie's inquiries, she says her name is Missy and that her mother is dead. She goes silent when Officer Hottie asks if she can come inside, but takes the picture of Sam that Officer Hottie offers her. She's playing this nicely, making us feel sorry for her right up until she stares past Officer Hottie's right shoulder and breaks into an awful grin, turning back to O.H. to growl, "That's gonna hurt." Cut to a long shot of an old bearded man in a trucker cap whacking Officer Hottie right across the face with a shovel. Cut back to the porch, where the old man says, "Missy, sweetheart. Go tell your brothers I wanna see them," and Missy responds with eyes nearly rolled back in her head, "Yes, Day-ddy." Good old Minnesotan stock.

Back at the police cruiser, Dean reaches for the antenna at the back of the car, splaying himself out very nicely. He reaches and groans. The whining growling truck approaches. Dean keeps reaching. The two camo guys from the Jenkins murder park the truck camper and proceed down the muddy lane on foot. Dean, still reaching. They've gone with what sounds like a sitar in the background for this scene. Which I'm liking, in a "Minnesota as both Deep South and Far East" sort of way. Dean finally snaps the antenna off and starts working it into the handcuff lock. Cut to the camo men coming out of the woods, cut back to Dean fiddling, cut back to the boys, cut back to...Dean gone! The camo boys laugh about how they've never seen their dad that mad before, as they use Officer Hottie's keys to open the car door and get in.Back in the barn, Officer Hottie has been knocked out, stripped down to a white tee, and locked in a cage. She slowly comes to, and Sam asks if she is okay. She tells him that his "cousin" is looking for him and then expresses regret over having cuffed him to her car. A moment please: why does she still think Dean is Sam's "cousin"? The barn door creaks open, and we pan up a figure wearing blue jeans who turns out to be Dean. Dean sort of saunters around, and we keep cutting between him and Sam and Officer Hottie looking scared, but as far as I can tell from the physical layout of the space, both Sam and Officer Hottie should be able to see that it is just Dean. Grrr. Dean finally spots Sam and rushes the twelve inches over to the cage. Officer Hottie asks how he got out of the cuffs and Dean responds that he knows "a trick or two." Mmmmm.

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