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The Hardy Boys: It's What's (Almost) For Dinner

Commercials. Dean comes to, tied to a chair in front of a fire. Cozy! The whole family is there looking at him. One of the brothers remarks that Dean is a fighter and would be fun to hunt. Dadday chuckles, revealing teeth that look as yellow and soft as curdled custard. Dean finally puts it together, realizing that these folks like to hunt people. Dadday takes this opportunity to justify his nasty actions: "You eva keeled befow?" His accent is inscrutable. It's sort of Cajun, I think. Dadday goes on outlining all the hunting he's done in his life: deer, bear, cougars. He goes on, "But the best hunt is human. There's nothing like it. Holding their life in your hands." Somehow, this dude is using his pudding teeth to chew through the screen on my television. Dadday keeps trying to sell Dean a product he doesn't want, claiming that the hunt is a tradition, "passed down from father to son." Cut to one of the brothers, petting Missy's head, Missy rocking back and forth on her heels before sitting down.

Dadday leans in real close to Dean, who wrinkles his nose in disgust, and asks if Dean is a cop. Cut to Missy peering around and baring her teeth like a feral kitten. Dean quips, "If I tell you, you promise not to make me into an ashtray?" Dean, I think you'd be more suited to be turned into embroidered decorative pillow. One of the brothers punches Dean in the head, as Dadday continues lecturing and declaring that he needs to know something from Dean. Dean won't give the one-liners up: "How 'bout, it's not nice to marry your sister?" Dadday wants to know if any other cops are going to come looking for him, and Dean keeps wasting energy on comebacks: "Eat me. No, no, wait, you actually might." Dadday brandishes a glowing hot poker in Dean's face, condemning him for having "brought this down on my family." One of the brothers is holding Dean's face still as Dadday decides to declare that there will be a hunt after all tonight. He tells Dean to pick the animal, and when Dean stalls, promising that nobody will come looking for him, Dadday jams the hot poker into Dean's shoulder, and then brings it up to his eye. Dadday says that he'll choose the animal if Dean doesn't, which, well, okay. I mean, what sort of threat is that? Dean finally tells Dadday to pick "the guy," and Dadday tosses the keys to one of the brothers, Lee. And, while this scene was all right atmospherically, it really makes no sense. Why did these people have Dean tied up? To get assurance that nobody is coming to look for him? And when Dean gives them that assurance, why would they believe him? Why wouldn't they throw him in a cage and hunt all three of them?But a little twist happens here: Dadday instructs his son to not let Sam out of the cage, but instead to shoot him in there. Dean has been duped, and considering by whom, it's gotta sting. Dean for some reason thought he was dealing with rational beings, and expresses surprise that they aren't planning on giving Sam a chance. Dadday responds by turning to the boy and instructing him to "shoot the bitch, too." Dean's freaking out.

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