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The Hardy Boys Make It A Manwitch Night

...The Cellar Of Boring Blockheaded Doom, where The Manwitch attempts to psych Sam out, or something, but that's not important at the moment, because what is important at the moment is the fact that The Cypriot Leprechaun's discarded his ever-present toothpick on the table's green felt, and after a time-lapse during which Sam's pile of chips dwindles down to a dozen or so, The Cypriot Leprechaun's Longtime Companion saunters into the cellar to distract her paramour with the promise of nookie, so The Manwitch calls for a brief interlude, during which Darling Sammy...

...barrels out into the alleyway topside with the chewed-up, spit-laden toothpick hot in his remarkably healthy hands. He passes the thing to a waiting Old Dean, and after Old Dean offers a few meager words of encouragement, Darling Sammy darts back indoors while Old Dean trudges back to Blockheaded Bobby's...van? Bobby has a van? We'll go with that. For now. On his way, Old Dean pauses to grasp at his tingly left arm. Dun-dun-DUN! Or not, because of that whole angel-condom thing he's got going on this season, and this episode blows, and I want to die, and then we're back in...

...The Cellar Of Boring Blockheaded Doom, where Darling Sammy adopts an expression of studious boredom to bluff The Cypriot Leprechaun, but because Darling Sammy suh-huuuuuucks even harder at the expressions of studious boredom than he does at both Texas Hold 'Em and the hand-to-hand combat, The Manwitch is not fooled. I think.

Back at the van, Bobby's Laminating over a brazier, and when he hits a certain point in his recitation, the flames leap up and turn blue. At the proper moment, Old Dean drops the toothpick into the fire, then stands back, all, "Well? How do I look?" Bobby just sighs.

Down in the cellar, The Cypriot Leprechaun pulls his actual toothpick from his jacket pocket and flings the tiny thing down onto the table, noting with menace coloring his tones for the first time this evening that the other scrap of birchwood never passed his lips. Adding that he doesn't appreciate cheaters, he next telekinetically rearranges Darling Sammy's heretofore remarkably healthy innards, but because of that whole angel-condom thing Darling Sammy's got going on this season, and because this episode blows, and because I want to die, I remain singularly unconcerned regarding Our Intrepid Hero's well being throughout this sequence, even when said sequence ends in this evening's one and only METAL TEETH CHOMP! "EEEEEEEEEEEEE!" CRAM IT, LIZARD.

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