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The Hardy Boys Cure Insomnia

Back from the break, and long story short, The Wrathful Dead Isaac demonically accesses the precise memories still stored in Dead Isaac's brain that ensure his weak and backsliding dumbass of a wife will come charging out of the apparently abandoned Victorian to attack him, thereby breaking the barrier of salt at the front door's threshold that had been their last line of defense. Way to go, Tamara. To her credit, though, she does immediately tackle him to the ground and, while screaming directly into the possessed corpse's still-bleeding face, "You're not Isaac!" impales what's left of him on a stake of super-special demon-repellent wood I think I neglected to note they mentioned in an earlier scene. Ooops. "Paolo Santo, you silly little man! Must I do everything around here?!" Oh, you do not want to go there, my scaly friend -- not after you've spent the last three weeks clogging up my kitchen drain testing your so-called recipes for your supposed cooking show that you'd never get even if The Food Network really did make you an exploratory offer, which they have not! "Libel! Slander! CALUMNY!" Oh, knock it off, you big sissy, and thanks for the assist. Can I get back to the recap, now? "Must you?! I think I enjoy shrieking at you more than rewatching this dreadful episode!" I got two words for you: "Contract" and "deadline." "Ooops! Never mind me, then!"

Now, what the hell happened while all that yelling was going on? Oh, yeah: As Tamara dealt with her undead corpse-husband on the lawn, Lust, Pride, Greed, and Gluttony scampered across the broken barrier of salt and skittered up the stairs, while Sloth, being lazy, tarried below in the foyer. Just go with it. Bad-Ass Bobby pretends to be mightily a-feared of the slowly lurching slob of a demon just long enough to lure it beneath the devil's trap in the main room. The Slothful Fat Guy's beetle black eyes glitter in the low light with increasing amounts of panic as Bobby simply smirks, "Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son."

Meanwhile, The Lusty Slut's cornered El Deano in a dead-end hallway upstairs -- or has she really?

Down in the parlor, Bobby Latinates at The Slothful Fat Guy. The Slothful Fat Guy screams.

Back on the second floor, sly El Deano edges backwards into a bathroom, The Lusty Slut all the while advancing upon him slowly until her lusty ta-tas have been pushed right up against his chest. She lays a too-calm palm upon El Deano's shoulder, and he immediately shoves his tongue down her throat. Uh oh.

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