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The Hardy Boys Cure Insomnia

Some time later, for night has now fallen, the boys plus Bobby have retired to Isaac and Tamara's temporary headquarters, a looming barn of an apparently abandoned Victorian that they've filled with various implements of demonic destruction. While Dean sweet-talks some information on the desiccated Dallas fans out of a coroner's assistant named Jenny via his cell, we settle in for a round of expository blather from the new arrivals, the upshot of which is this: They've been married for eight years, and have apparently spent much of that time as hunters, for they possess knowledge of weapons and methodologies even College Boy, here, has never heard of. Darling Sammy innocently enough wonders how they found themselves in the business of ridding the world of dark demonic beasties, but his question's met with nothing more than a pair of icy stares from the married couple, thereby indicating their shared Dark And Continuing Psychic Pain Over Some Horrible Demon-Related Incident In Their Past, and I'm just gonna go ahead and guess it's a dead kid and keep moving, because we've never seen these two before this evening, and we're never going to see either of them after this episode's over -- especially because one of them ends up dead, and it's not the bizarre chick with a taste for bisexual British science fiction -- so whatever. "Demian!" Raoul chides. "Spoiler!" Oh, like I give a rat's ass at this point. ANY-way, where were we? Oh, yeah: Dean's finally gotten off the phone with the baffling news that the desiccated Dallas fans actually died from dehydration and starvation. As Tamara gapes and shoots a befuddled glance at her husband, Dean elaborates, "No signs of restraint, no violence, no struggle -- they just sat down and never got up." One of our guys -- don't ask me which one, because the BORING in this episode's already slaughtered about fifty million of my brain cells, and I refuse to go back and check -- suggests they all team up to track down the presumably demonic cause of the bizarre deaths, but Isaac's dead-set against that, partly because he and the wife don't run around "Scooby Doo-ing" it with other hunters, but mainly because the hunting community, himself included, already holds The Brothers Winchester solely responsible for what happened in Wyoming a week ago, and Issac would rather not consort with "the damn fools" who caused the whole current mess in the first place. Dean, naturally, takes umbrage, but before the stupid little tiff can escalate into some massive, hair-pulling, bitch-slapping hissyfit, Tamara steps in to lead Isaac away. Our Guys glare at each other.

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