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Stop The Hardy Boys -- I Want To Get Off

My Sweet Baboo was also there to witness the storied exploits of such all-star Biblical "it" couples as Cain and Abel, David and Goliath, and Sodom and Gomorrah, and after scenes of each have flickered by, we return to past footage from the show itself to watch as dimwitted Jimmy Novak accepts Castiel's spirit or essence or whatever into his body, followed by snippets of Our Intrepid Heroes gazing on in horror as a pillar of light erupts from the floor of an abandoned convent in Maryland before we dart over to a wide-angle view of post-plague Kansas City and... "I beg your pardon!" shrieks Raoul The Big Gay Supernatural Dragon. "But is this installment of our usually charming little Friday-evening divertissement what you would call a 'clip show'?!" Looks that way. "ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!" Aw. Poor thing. Wait a minute -- I'm the one who has to recap this tedious crap while he gets to sleep. Screw you, Raoul! "ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!"

Anyway, where the hell was I? Oh, yes: As we dart over to a wide-angle view of post-plague Kansas City, Castiel's Voiceover continues, "And of course, I remember the most remarkable event -- remarkable because it never came to pass." He is, of course, referring to last season's abortive Apocalypse which, as he tells us "was averted by two boys, an old drunk, and a fallen angel." The "two boys" bit of that is accompanied by a clip of Dashing El Deano jamming an angel-smiting scimitar into Zachariah's skull while Darling Sammy lies broken and bleeding on the floor of Heaven's green room, and the "old drunk" gets a shot of Bobby hugging Dean, but my favorite part comes with Castiel's "fallen angel," for they use that entirely badass image of My Sweet Baboo spreading his wings in that sigil-covered barn from the fourth season's premiere. "It was the grand story," Castiel reminds us, "and we ripped up the ending." By now, we've moved on to scenes from last season's finale, most of them from the Stull Cemetery sequence, and look! There's that miserable bastard of a half-brother of theirs that nobody ever talks about anymore. "ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!" Yeah, yeah, but his presence here does make me wonder if they're bringing him back for the next two episodes. "ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!" Okay! Knock it off!

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