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The Hardy Boys Are NOT Having SEX With Each Other! GOD!

Later that night, with that plastic tarp flapping like the wings of a crow behind them, Our Intrepid Heroes speed out of Kripke's Hollow, processing through recent events the entire way, and as we learn absolutely nothing new about anything, let's head back into town, where we might find...

...Chuck, once more passed out on his couch. He's immediately stricken by a premonition of truly epic proportions, but the details, alas, remain hidden from us this time around. The vision's forceful enough, however, to boot him bolt upright on that tatty little sofa of his, and he's even more surprised to find...Zachariah perched on his Barcalounger! DUN! "Did you see it?" Zachariah asks intently. "Who are you?" Bugs blurts, virtually leaping out of his skin in shock. "Did you see it?" Zachariah patiently asks again. Chuck nods. "Is it true?" the prophet asks of his (presumed, I'm guessing) archangel. "Have you been wrong so far?" Zachariah mildly lobs back. "I gotta warn Sam and Dean!" Chuck realizes, jumping to his feet to chase after them. "I wouldn't advise it," Zachariah warns, raising his volume just a tetch. "People shouldn't know too much about their own destiny," he explains with a smile. "You try," he continues, "and I'll stop you." Bugs, anguished, gnaws on a carrot for a moment before dejectedly brushing past his (presumed) protector. "Where are you going?" Zachariah wonders. "To go kill myself," the prophet flatly responds. "Don't be melodramatic, Chuck!" Zachariah pleasantly chides, rising to follow his (presumed) charge. "We'd only bring you back to life." Awesome. Chuck, however, is of a different mind on the matter, and slowly turns back to face his (presumed) guardian. Despairing, The Prophet whimpers, "What am I supposed to do?" "What you always do," The Archangel instructs. "Write." And the chills up and down my back return as Chuck's sunken, hollow-cheeked expression fills the screen, for the monster at the end of the episode is him.

"Well! That was one of the most entertaining hours of television I've ever seen in my life!" Really, Raoul? "Of course!" You mean you're not, you know, angry? "Oh, you silly little man! Why would I be angry?!" Well, you know. "I do not!" Fine. I'll just say it out loud, and bloody consequences be damned: There wasn't any gore in this episode! At all! And aside from that pussy little so-called accident with the minivan, there wasn't any violence, either! Now, um, yeah. Go ahead and start with your ranting and destroying the apartment in rage and whatnot, but please -- I beg you -- try not to break any of my bones or slash up my face in your vengeful quest for grue.

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