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The Hardy Boys Just Have Their Party On TV

Chateau Novak. Aftermath. Jimmy shoves his wife and daughter into the pantry, bolts the door behind him, and begins frantically pawing through the shelves for some Morton's. "Roger was your best friend!" Mrs. Jimmy whispers, appalled. "Roger was a demon!" Jimmy shouts by way of reply as he hastily lays down a thick line of protective salt, but Mrs. Jimmy's had enough of his insane ass and grapples with him for a bit, allowing their bizarrely British daughter to flee...

...straight into the arms of Demonically Enhanced Roger, who of course has easily recovered from the earlier beating and now holds Jimmy's bizarrely British daughter with one hand while menacing the brat's throat with a butcher knife in the other. By the way, after his close encounter with the candlestick, Demonically Enhanced Roger's face is now positively dripping with blood, which should please a certain someone we all know. "GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!" howls Raoul, writhing about upon his overstuffed armchair with glee now that Kripke's finally seen fit to give us some of the good stuff so late in the goddamned hour, the bastard, and where the hell was I? Oh, yes: Demonically Enhanced Roger's menacing that annoying English girl, and Jimmy The Mook attempts to intervene as his wife flails around uselessly behind him, but unfortunately for Jimmy, Roger's better half's also been demonically enhanced, and she now...leaps from nowhere to tackle the erstwhile bible-thumper to the ground! "VIOLENCE!" Demonically Enhanced Mrs. Roger gives Jimmy a good thumping for a bit until Mrs. Jimmy finally sacks up and hurls herself onto Mrs. Roger's back in a vain attempt to drag the hell-sent beastie off her husband. Good thing for everyone involved that Our Intrepid Heroes have chosen this moment to appear in a cleansing burst of synchronicity to take out the demonically enhanced neighbors with Princess Sparkle's Knife That Can Kill Anything Except When It Usually Can't, now isn't it? "It is indeed!" Oh, Raoul. So good to have you back. "Don't mention it!"

Anyway, Dean quickly slits Roger's demonically enhanced throat with The Knife That Can Kill Anything Except When It Usually Can't Except In This Case When It Does, and neighbor number one drops to the floor, dead. Over in the other corner of the room, Crazy Sammy unleashes his Mighty Hand Of Discontent in Mrs. Roger's general direction, but alas! Without Princess Embolism's artery booze, the Mighty Hand is as useless as Princess Sparkle's Knife normally is nowadays, and Demonically Enhanced Mrs. Roger slinks up to Crazy Sammy's crazy face, all, "Can't get it up?" Heh. "Maybe not," Dean hollers from behind, "but I can!" And with that, he lunges at neighbor number two with The Knife, but the demon inside Mrs. Roger quickly unhinges her possession's lower jaw to escape into the night on a stream of bitterly black demonic goo. Mrs. Roger drops to the floor, likely dead, and the boys plus La Famille Jimmy hustle outside to the Impala, where the five quickly embark -- after Mrs. Jimmy's suspiciously tardy arrival, mind you -- and speed off into the night.

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