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The Hardy Boys Just Have Their Party On TV

Now, what the hell is happening here? Oh, yeah: Our Intrepid Heroes arrive at yet another abandoned warehouse somewhere so Jimmy can rescue his family, or whatever, and after Dean offers a few words of advice and instruction that frantic Jimmy has absolutely no intention of following, Jimmy races off to the side of the warehouse, alone, to bellow at the sky for Castiel's intervention. Of course, the angel doesn't answer him, so Jimmy grumbles something unpleasant to himself before pushing his way inside, where Demonically Enhanced Amelia's waiting for him with a broad and sassy smile on her face. "Hi, honey!" she sarcastically sings. "You're home!" Heh. Mrs. Jimmy got about eighteen thousand times more interesting the second she got herself possessed. "I do not disagree!" Thanks for backing me up, Raoul. "No problem!" In any event, and long story short, Jimmy offers his life in exchange for those of his wife and daughter, but negotiations fall apart when Demonically Enhanced Mrs. Jimmy dings him for dragging along reinforcements -- something he was expressly forbidden to do -- and it's at this moment her henchdemons haul Dean and Crazy Sammy into the room. D'OH! "I was actually bummed to get this detail," Demonically Enhanced Mrs. Jimmy muses while eyeing the new arrivals. "Picking up an empty Vessel?" she continues pleasantly enough, before shrugging dismissively, "Sort of like a milk run." "Now, look who landed in my lap!" she enthuses, all triumphant and such, and I'd warn her about celebrating her apparent victory too soon, but these people never listen to me, so let's jump ahead to the violence, shall we? "Oh, goody!"

Yep, after Crazy Sammy offers his life for those of La Famille Jimmy, Demonically Enhanced Mrs. Jimmy rolls her eyes and grins, "Now for the punchline: Everybody dies!" With that, she produces a revolver from her jacket pocket and menaces Crazy Sammy's remarkably broad chest with the thing for a moment before...spinning on her heel and plugging Jimmy full of lead! "VIOLENCE! WANTON ACTS OF UNREPENTANT VIOLENCE AND GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!" Indeed, for Jimmy gets gut-shot, and barely has he collapsed to the concrete bleeding profusely from the hole in his abdomen before Demonically Enhanced Mrs. Jimmy turns to one of her henchdemons with the following simple instruction: "Waste Little Orphan Annie." "EEEEEEEEEEEEE!" shrieks Raoul in delighted anticipation of the worthless British brat's most timely demise, but unfortunately for your favorite dragon and mine, it is not to be. "Oh, poop!" The henchdemon approaches the foul adolescent -- who'd been strapped to a chair this entire time, by the by -- and draws back, like, a broadsword, or something, to hack off her head, but just when he swings the blade at her neck, Jimmy's daughter snatches at the thing with her left hand to stop it dead in mid-air while shooting her right onto the henchdemon's forehead, for Castiel has of course answered Jimmy's earlier pleas by possessing the guy's daughter, and let the smiting begin! "Hooray!"

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