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The Hardy Boys Just Have Their Party On TV

In any event, once it is done, the light from above winks out, there's an immediate change to Jimmy The Mook's physicality and demeanor as Castiel assumes possession of the bible-thumper's body, and Castiel examines the strange human hands now under his control as Jimmy's vaguely annoying adolescent daughter emerges onto the front porch behind him to call out, "Deddy?" for Jimmy's vaguely annoying adolescent daughter has a definitely annoying British accent for whatever goddamned reason. Castiel turns to gaze upon her, and he tilts his unfamiliar human head a little to the side like a befuddled puppy as he stares into her eyes for a very long moment before he turns his back on her and intones, "I am not your father." DUN! With that, My Sweet Baboo paces off down the walkway into the night as Jimmy's vaguely annoying adolescent daughter gapes at his gradually disappearing form, and I'm sure I'd give a crap about the emotional scars this rejection will no doubt leave on her brutalized psyche forever were she not a gormless downstate bible-thumping git, but she is, so I don't, and next!

Back in the present, Jimmy The Mook rings his own doorbell, and the reunion commences as Mrs. Jimmy lets him inside -- she thought he was dead, natch -- and a short time later, the two marrieds perch on the Barcaloungers in the living room where it all began, processing through the unlikely events of the last year. Well, I'm sure they'd be processing through the unlikely events of the last year had those unlikely events not turned Jimmy The Mook into a LYING LIAR WHO LIES, for when Mrs. Jimmy asks why he never called, Jimmy tells her, "I was in a psych clinic." "I was completely delusional," he continues to prevaricate, "and I thought that God was calling me to something, and I thought that it was important, and I was wrong." And then the sky cracks open above his head and a lightning bolt flashes down from the heavens, instantly immolating Jimmy The Mook into a bitty little pile of smoldering ash perched right there on the edge of the Barcalounger, and that's it for the episode, kids! See you next week!

I'm kidding, of course. Jimmy The Mook remains intact, and asks if Mrs. Jimmy might allow him back into her life. She, naturally, drags out this BORING relationship conversation by admitting...something I totally don't care about, and after many, many pointless tears are shed, they finally -- FINALLY -- retire to the dining room table just as...

Crazy Sammy, somewhere else, leaves an urgent message on Princess Embolism's voice mail, because he's jonesin' for a fix, and to hell with this too-literal addiction storyline, and let's head back to...

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