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The Hardy Boys Spew Blasphemous Profanities

The Unpaved Rural Road Mere Minutes From Downtown Baltimore. Aftermath. Also: Insta-Dawn! Yep, even though Dean had pegged the time at 2 AM during his ludicrous initial van scene, early morning sunlight now streams through the trees as Linda somewhat mournfully gazes upon the rapidly cooling corpse of her psychotic ex-boyfriend. Eventually, she rises to her feet to approach Our Intrepid Heroes. "Doing all right?" Captain Empathy wonders. "Not really," Linda admits with a candor refreshing on this show full of LYING LIARS WHO LIE. "The Death-Omen Claire," Linda asks, "what happens to her now?" Sam guesses it should all be over for her now that Detective Show Killer's dead, and that she's at peace. Dean steps up at this point to inquire about the disposition of his case. Linda surmises that, as Detective Show Killer both confessed and "screwed up both [their] cases royally," any pending charges in Baltimore more than likely will be dismissed. However, there remains the little matter of Dean's supposed rampage of terror through St. Louis. Given everything the boys have done for her, though, Linda proposes something of a compromise solution: "If I just happen to turn my back and you walked away, I could tell them that the suspects escaped." Dean's all over this plan like a cheap date. Sam's reservations are assuaged when Linda assures him she just wants Our Intrepid Heroes "out there doing what [they] do best," and damn the personal consequences for her. Oh, and two more things: "They" will now be looking for both Sam and Dean, so the boys better watch their step, and the boys can retrieve Metallicar "at the impound yard on Robertson." Are we done here? "Good lord, yes," hisses Raoul. "The first fifty minutes of this episode were faaaaaa-bulous, but the last ten? Feh." As we wave goodbye to Miss Linda Blair, Our Dear Boys head off on foot into the sunrise. "Nice lady," Sam opines. "For a cop," Dean agrees, with restrictions. "Did she look familiar to you?" he wonders. "No," Sam shrugs, and we'll pretend they cut to black here so we can all ignore El Deano's painful unfunny about his sudden hankering for a little pea soup. Shut up, Dean.

Next week, Dean meets a devil at the crossroads. Better bring your dancing shoes.

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