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The Hardy Boys Spew Blasphemous Profanities

Cut to Our Intrepid Duo, masquerading as insurance company representatives there to assure the grieving widow her financial due in this, her hour of need. Heh. The grieving widow, by the way, is played by Keegan Connor Tracy, an actress whose unusually waspish eyebrows I thought I recognized from something important, but it turns out it was only The 4400. Anyway, under the guise of conducting the separate, independent investigation mandated by the insurance company's guidelines, the boys mercilessly pump The Widow Giles for information on her husband's murder. Sam has, of course, donned his Captain Empathy costume for the proceedings, but he gets a really funny moment when he's forced to abandon the façade for a few seconds to non-verbally scold Dean for being such a shitty interrogator of the grief-stricken. "Did Tony mention anything unusual to you in the days before his death?" Dean opens. "Unusual?" The Widow Giles repeats, confused. "Yeah!" Dean continues, over-enthusiastically. "Like, strange. You know, Karen: Weird! Weird noises! Visions! Anything like that." Sam pointedly clears his throat and shoots A Look at Dean. Karen turns her teary eyes to Sam, who immediately alters his expression to frown back at her commiseratively, with the full Super-Special Puppy-Dog Eyes treatment that vanishes the instant she's dropped her head so he might once more glare at his insensitive jackass of a brother. Hee. The Widow Giles eventually reveals her late husband had a nightmare the evening before he died, of a strange woman standing at the foot of their marital bed. When he blinked, the apparition disappeared. The boys shoot each other significant side-eyes. DUN! Dean unleashes some more of his shitty interrogation skills before Sam's present-day voice-over picks up with, "So, I gave Karen a hug and told her to call me if she needed anything..."

"...and that was it, end of story," Sammy concludes in the interview room. Linda Blair taps her fingernails on the tabletop impatiently for a moment before leaning across with, "Sam, I am trying to help you, here, but you have got to be honest with me." If that's the end of the story, she continues, then what the hell were Sam and Dean doing breaking into Giles's office? The police have an eyewitness, you see. "Karen called us later," Sam LIES, "told us there was some stuff she wanted from Tony's office, but the police weren't letting her in -- like a picture of the two of them in Paris, and some other stuff." Linda looks surprised at the detail of the photograph. "Look, it was wrong to break into a crime scene," Sam pleads, "but she gave us the key!"

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