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The Hardy Boys Spew Blasphemous Profanities

Back, Show Killer! Back! After a near half-hour interlude during which he was not missed at all, Jason Gedrick returns to peer wearily at Dean through the interrogation room's two-way glass. Dean, by the way, looks even less put out by these latest developments than he had been earlier. Heh. Linda enters to inform her partner, "Sam's story matches Dean's to the last detail." The two exit the room to wander through the precinct's hallways, and if this were one of the Law & Orders, I'm sure I'd be fascinated by what they had to say to each other, what with the conversation's ruminations on circumstantial evidence and reasonable doubt, but this is a show called Supernatural, so if a Creepy Blonde Corpse Woman isn't about to shoot out of a wall to decapitate them with a scythe, I don't want to know about it. By the way, Linda Blair's character's name is Diana, the deceased Tony Giles was actually a defense lawyer given to representing the more reprehensible of society's dregs, Sheridan was good friends with the late lamented, and Linda Blair is totally doing Jason Gedrick! Well, you know, her character's totally doing his character. Whatever. "And I'm not sure if that revelation merits an 'Eeeeew!' or a 'You Go, Gurrrrl!'" puzzles Raoul. "Perhaps a bit of both."

Meanwhile, in their separate rooms and independently of each other, the boys realize "Dana Shulps" just might be an anagram. Sam sets to scribbling on the file Linda'd left behind while Dean, paperless, works through the word problem in his head. Unfortunately, his court-appointed defense attorney chooses this moment to introduce himself. Dean couldn't give a rat's ass about his proposed defense strategy, and so opts to ask for a pen and paper, so he might set to scribbling along with his brother. The lawyer, Jeff Krause, obliges. Jensen Ackles, by the way, is either one of those people who clutch the tips of pens between their thumbs, index, and middle fingers, or he's gone to unusual lengths to make us believe it's Dean who writes like a caveman. If it's the latter, that's some dedication to character. I can't make it past two individual letters without giving in to the urge to slide the pen back where it belongs. "Oh, poor you," sneers Raoul. "While my perfectly honed claws are flawless, they do force me to use particularly long-shafted quills to pen my thank-you notes, and I can't begin to tell you how tedious that process can be." What, writing thank-you notes with a quill, or finding shafts long enough to suit your needs? "Bitch." By the way, don't worry that you're missing out on any of the action on-screen, because it's just Dean scribbling and scribbling and scribbling some more as his court-appointed lawyer drones on and on and on about crap no one cares about. Eventually, Dean slides the lawyer a list of anagrams, and asks the good Mr. Krause if he recognizes any of them. The good Mr. Krause slides a finger down the list and decides that "SUPASH LAND" minus the "SUP" is good enough to equal "Ashland," the name of a nearby street. Dean hastily scrawls out a note to Sam and passes it to the good Mr. Krause. "I need you to see my brother."

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