There Will Be Blood

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The Hardy Boys Drink Your Milkshake! They Drink It Up!

Deep within the lush coastal rainforests of Montana's Rocky Mountains, Darling Sammy sits at the kitchen table in Dead Rufus's ridiculously scenic rustic homestead, tap-tap-tapping away at his trusty laptop until Dashing El Deano interrupts to complain about the supposed ambiguities present in The Metatron Stone's Leviathan-killing instruction manual, and Dumbass El Deano must have taken a massive stupid pill again this week because the manual clearly states, "Cut off the head, and the body will flounder," so I don't know what the hell the problem is. And there's no help to be had from Dimwit Sam over there at the laptop, either, as he's being as much of a blithering moron as his idiot brother is this evening, so let's skip ahead to the bit where...

...Dead Bobby tries to smack some sense into Dumbass El Deano over in the ridiculously scenic rustic homestead's bathroom, shall we? Excellent. Dean brushes his teeth until Dead Bobby makes his spectral presence known by frosting over the bathroom mirror, and Dean slowly turns around to find Dead Bobby raring to go on the whole Leviathan-killing weapon deal. He first rather unnecessarily reminds us all that the weapon itself consists of "a bone washed in the three bloods of the fallen" and, after admitting that finding a bone from "a human as light and good as The Leviathan are hungry and dark" won't be easy, and after he makes note of the fact that they already possess the blood of a "fallen angel," Dead Bobby posits that the "blood from the ruler of fallen humanity" will likely be coming from everybody's favorite leader of Hell, Crowley. And what of the blood from "the father of fallen beasts"? "You got to bleed an Alpha," Dead Bobby states. "But they're all dead!" Dumbass El Deano protests, because he apparently couldn't be bothered to pay attention during this evening's THEN! Dead Bobby suggests summoning My Sweet Baboo to assist them with this conundrum, but Dumbass El Deano counters that Castiel's in no position to help anybody at the moment, and when he further rejects Dead Bobby's subsequent suggestion that they summon Crowley instead, Dead Bobby flies into a ghastly rage, accidentally cracking the bathroom mirror. Uh oh. Dead Bobby, bless him, immediately realizes he's crossed some line, and he apologizes for letting his temper get the better of him before assuring Dumbass El Deano, "I have faith you boys will figure it out." Well, that makes one of us, at least. For his part, Dumbass El Deano warily eyes the broken mirror and quietly freaks. That's helpful.

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