We Need to Talk About Kevin

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"What I Did on My Summer Vacation"

Sam drives 1600 miles to a cabin in Whitefish, Montana. The car looks impeccably clean. Perhaps Sam, knowing what might be coming, stopped off for a wash-and-wax. He pushes open the front door, the inside of which is covered in mystical symbols. Sam looks like he's trying not to get his hopes up. Indeed, the shack seems to be empty. Then, from behind the door, a plaid blur tackles him to the floor. It's Dean, who proceeds to pour holy water and borax on him in quick succession. "I'm not a demon! Or a Leviathan," Sam protests. Dean grabs Sam's arm and cuts it with a hunting knife. Man, these guys better get regular tetanus shots. Dean is satisfied that Sam isn't a shapeshifter, either. "My turn," Dean says, holding out the tools of his trade. "I don't need to -- I know it's you," Sam says, cradling his freshly sliced arm. Exasperated, Dean performs all the tests on himself while Sam watches. When Dean cuts his arm, it's clear there's no previous wound from when he oozed out Benny. Hm. How very odd.

Now that Dean is satisfied with all his verification rituals, he finally smiles. "Well, let's do this!" he says. "I don't know whether to give you a hug or take a shower," Sam says. "Do them simultaneously," suggests a particular chunk of fandom. They hug and then Sam wonders what happened to his brother. Dean says that standing too close to exploding Dick sends you to Purgatory. HAR HAR. Sam is surprised to hear Dean was in Purgatory. "How did you get out?" he asks. "I guess whoever built that box didn't want me in there anymore than I did," Dean says. Sam presses him for more information, but Dean doesn't want to talk about it. Was there a spa in Purgatory? Because Dean's complexion looks even more glowy than usual.

Sam changes the subject to Castiel, but Dean isn't especially eager to talk about him, either. "Cass didn't make it," Dean says. He walks a few steps away so that his back is to Sam. "What exactly does that mean?" Sam asks. Dean looks distant. His chin quavers while he tries to think of how to phrase things. "Something happened to him down there," he says. "Things got pretty hairy towards the end and he just... let go." A lot of people did the same thing after last season. Sam tries to get specifics -- like whether Castiel is well and truly dead -- but Dean shuts him down. This time, Dean changes the subject. He's surprised Sam actually showed up. He left Sam a lot of messages and didn't hear back. Sam admits he ditched his phones. He says he doesn't hunt anymore. Dean thinks Sam is joking at first, but slowly realizes baby bro is serious. Sam explains about thinking Dean was dead and being alone and Crowley nabbing Kevin, which sounds like a reason to keep hunting, not stop, but whatever.

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