We Need to Talk About Kevin

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"What I Did on My Summer Vacation"

He's running through the woods, knife in hand, chasing some guy in a ponytail and waistcoat. Dean looks kind of awesomely scary, partially covered in blood, not even panting for breath. He is efficient and quiet, focused like an animal. His prey is scared, noisy and clumsy. Waistcoat tries to take a whack at Dean with a crudely made ax, but Dean knocks it out of his hand. He pins Waistcoat up against a tree. Waistcoat flashes some vampire teeth. "Take a breath, calm down," Dean says. Just let yourself be hypnotized by the eyelashes, man. "Where's the angel?" Dean asks. "You're him -- you're the human," Waistcoat says. Dean repeats his question, but Waistcoat doesn't know the answer. Dean grabs the ax and lops off the guy's head. Another vampire tackles Dean to the ground, knocking the ax from his hand. Just when it looks like Dean is about to become vampire food, another man lunges at his attacker. It's Benny. He wields another makeshift ax. Snarling, he beheads his foe and turns to look at Dean. Because this is the story of how they first met, Dean looks shocked to discover that his rescuer is a vampire.

Back to the present. Dean sits in the motel room and fidgets. Sounds from the city beyond seem intrusive and much too close. "You okay?" Sam asks. "Yeah," Dean says, even though he is most certainly not okay. "What do you say we blow this joint and hit the road?" Sam points out that they need some rest. Besides, Kevin's waited a year -- what's another 12 hours? They get into another argument about their responsibilities. Knowing that people died without their help weighs on Dean, but Sam says he realized it wasn't up to just him to save them. Dean stares at his brother like he's even more alien than a vending machine. Dean needs to cut him a break. Sam was obviously very busy growing out his hair. "What could possibly make you stop just like that? A girl?" Dean asks. Sam tries to look like he's somewhere between surprised and innocent, but doesn't quite pull it off. "Was there a girl?" Dean asks again. "The girl had nothing to do with it," Sam says. Dean scoffs.

Hours later, they're still hashing out their feelings. Ugh. Look, I know there's got to be some talking to catch everybody up when there's a time jump between seasons, but seriously. It's so much talking. Just sitting and talking, and not in a particularly interesting way. It's all stuff they've covered in previous seasons. "I didn't just drop out," Sam explains. "I found something, something I've never had my whole life." He says her name was Amelia. I just got rid of one Amelia and along comes another one. When Dean wants to know how it happened, Sam says, "I hit a dog." Dean's like, "J'accuse!" He's pissed about Sam letting a dog into the car, because that's an easy thing to be pissed about. Sam changes the subject to Dean's time in Purgatory. The way Dean describes it makes it sound like a war zone. "But there was something about being there," he says almost wistfully. "It felt pure."

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