We Need to Talk About Kevin

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"What I Did on My Summer Vacation"

Sam goes back into the church to talk to Kevin. First, he apologizes to Kevin for ignoring him for a year and then tries to give him an "It gets better" speech about living the supernatural life. He must be plainly lying at this point, because on what could he possibly be basing his opinion? He and/or his brother die at least once a year, lose their minds, get tortured, become monsters and lose their girlfriends. The only thing "better" for Sam at the moment is that he seems to have finally gotten his sideburns under control and they no longer look like a pair of furry boots in a race towards his nose. Sam tells Kevin that if they shut the gates, then Crowley won't be able to come after him anymore. Kevin thinks about it and then asks for five minutes to go pack up his stuff. That gives Sam just enough time to have another flashback.

Clinic waiting room. The vet comes out to give Sam the good news. The dog has some serious injuries, but should pull through. Sam, relieved, turns to go. The vet stops him. "You're gonna take the dog?" she asks. "I would, but he's not mine," Sam says. "He's not anybody's," the vet says, even though there's no way she could know that. Sam tries to explain why he can't take the dog, but she snits at him about his not taking any responsibility. Please don't let that be Sam's -- or anybody's -- main Life Lesson this season. It's so preachy and boring. Sam points out that he was responsible enough to bring the dog for care. The vet turns to her assistant and says, "Roberta, could you hand this man his trophy on his way out, please?" Even I, a truly crazy dog person, think she is being way over the top. She gripes at Sam for hitting the dog in the first place. Sam, who is accustomed to fending off attacks from Lucifer, angry angels, demons and assorted monsters, stands helpless against this crabby woman's guilt trips and judgments. He caves and agrees to take the dog.

Back to the present. The church floor shakes and cracks, breaking apart Kevin's painted symbols. Dean springs into action and hands Sam the demon-killing knife. He pulls his crude ax out of a bag, drawing a shocked stare from Sam. "What is that?" he asks. "Purgatory," Dean says. Two of Crowley's minions walk in. Fisticuffs ensue. Kevin helps out by spraying the demons with holy water. Sam dispatches one demon, while the other has Dean by the neck. For some reason, Sam hands Dean the knife instead of stabbing the demon himself.

With both minions dead, Crowley makes his entrance with demonic Channing. He greets the brothers: "Dean! You're looking... well, let's just say Purgatory didn't do you any favors." Uh, yeah, it did. Crowley has his turn with Sam by making fun of his sideburns, which, as I mentioned earlier, look much better than they did last season. Crowley probably came up with these insults a long time ago and was determined to use them whether they made sense or not. Kevin tells Crowley to let Channing go, but Dean says she's probably dead already. Crowley snaps his fingers and Channing's eyes return to normal. She sees Kevin and lights up for a moment before confusion sets in. "What's going on?" she asks. "There's a demon in you and you're going to your safety school," he says. Channing: "What?!" Heh. She's probably equally horrified by both pieces of news. Crowley snaps his fingers again and the demon comes back. Kevin agrees to hand himself over if Crowley lets Channing go. He goes off to grab his stuff. When he doesn't return immediately, Crowly gets suspicious and goes looking for him. Dean tries to stop him, but Crowley snaps his fingers and makes the knife burn so hot in Dean's hand that he drops it. Why Crowley doesn't take it with him is a mystery.

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