We Need to Talk About Kevin

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"What I Did on My Summer Vacation"

He and Channing find Kevin in a room in the back of the church. As soon as they walk through the door, a bucket of holy water drops down on them. Kevin and the Winchesters flee to the Impala while the demons sizzle and scream. "Find another meat suit," Crowley tells Channing. She projectile-vomits black smoke. Once again herself, she looks over to Crowley, confused. He snaps her neck just in time for Kevin to see it from the back of the Impala.

Some time later, the Winchesters and their charge pull up at a gas station. Dean's phone rings. He answers, listens for a moment, then barks, "Wrong number!" Kevin sits quietly in the back seat. "How you holding up?" Sam asks. "Awesome," Kevin snarks. "The King of Hell just snapped my girlfriend's neck, how about you?" Sam doesn't know quite what to say to that. Dean says he's sorry about the girlfriend, but: "The sooner you get this, the better. You're in it now, whether you like it or not. That means you do what you gotta do." Sam gives his brother a worried look, but says nothing. There are going to be a lot of worried looks aimed at Dean this season. Dean gets out of the car, saying he's going to the bathroom, but as soon as he's around the corner he takes out his phone and makes a call.

"There he is," says the vaguely Southern voice on the other end. It's Benny. Dean is surprised Benny got himself a phone, but Dean must have anticipated such a thing if he gave the guy his number. Benny's also got himself some new shades and has taken up hanging out around cemeteries. There's a graveside service in the background. Benny talks about how many choices there are and how much has changed in 50 years. Just wait until he sees a modern vending machine. Dean thinks maybe they shouldn't talk to each other again until they've had time to adjust to things. "One day at a time, just like we talked about," Dean says, like they're in a 12-step program. "I think you had it right, bud," Benny says. "Purgatory was pure. I'm kinda wishin' I had appreciated it more, you know, like you." Dean gets an odd, faraway look in eyes for a moment. Ah, the good old days of purposeful, unquestioning killing. Dean tells Benny to call him if he has an "emergency," even though he just got through saying they shouldn't talk for a while. Stop sending him mixed signals, man! You don't hump a guy's soul, tell him to call, tell him not to call, then tell him to call again. "You keep your nose clean, too, brother," Benny says. Dean says, "Yeah," but he looks very worried about his ability -- or perhaps desire -- to just that.

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