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The Hardy Boys Camp Out

Dean looks over and asks Sam if he had "another nightmare" and then asks him if he wants to drive. Sam is surprised: "Dean, your whole life you've never once asked me that. Look, man, you're worried about me. I get it, and thank you, but I'm perfectly okay." Dean doesn't buy it. Sam grabs a map and asks where they are. Dean tells him they're just outside of Grand Junction. That is in Colorado, and I drove through there with Ed once on the way from Chicago to San Francisco and got caught in traffic because for some reason the highway gets routed through city streets for a few miles there. While in traffic, I looked over and saw what to my eyes was a horrifyingly deformed person who had legs for arms and was flapping them against the passenger-side back window. I stayed very quiet because I didn't think I could point this out to Ed without sounding like a person who is prejudiced against people who have legs for arms, and this is before we were even engaged, let alone married, so I didn't want to lose him over this admittedly controversial issue. Then I realized that the arms that I thought were legs were actually the (arm) arms of the person in the front seat who was reclining and reaching back toward the person in the back seat, and that somehow this made it look like the person in the back seat had legs for arms. Yeah, I don't know either. The end. You think that was a boring and weird story, wait until you sit through the rest of this recap.Sam expresses regret over leaving Palo Alto so soon. Dean tells him that they spent a week looking for clues and didn't find anything, and that if they want to find what killed Jessica... Sam finishes his thought, "We've gotta find Dad first." Looking at the map, Sam says that the coordinates their Dad left them are weird because they point to "Blackwater Ridge" and that "there's nothing there. It's just...woods. Why is he sending us into the middle of nowhere?" These two clearly do not feel the same love for the National Park Service that I do. The Metallicar wings into the "Lost Creek Colorado National Forest."

Inside the visitors center, Sam looks at a map and sees that the Blackwater Ridge is "pretty remote. It's cut off by these canyons here, rough terrain, abandoned silver and gold mines all over the place." Dean has become transfixed by a photo on the wall: "Check out the size of this freaking bear!" Heh. Sam comes over to drive the point home that they are going into a remote area: "And a dozen or more grizzlies in the area." This is quite the shitload of dialogue devoted to establishing the DANGEROUS! NATURE! OF! THE! AREA!

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