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The Hardy Boys Camp Out

She shows Sam some pictures of her brother, and then plays the video he recorded just before he became kibble. Sam smells some farts while Dean tells Hailey that they are heading out to Blackwater Ridge and will check things out. She tells them she'll see them out there: "I'm gonna find Tommy myself." Dean tells her that he knows how she feels. Way to make everything about you, pal. Sam continues sniffing the air and asks her to forward the pictures and videos to him.

A smoky dive bar. Sam tells Dean that even though Blackwater Ridge doesn't get much traffic, two hikers recently went missing there. What, did they break up and go do independent library research? Why are they having this meet and greet here? Oh my god, they did clearly break up and do independent library research, because Sam starts pulling photocopies of old Lost Creek newspapers out of his little Supernatural Filofax. Apparently, there have been "grizzly attacks" in 1982, 1959, and 1936. "Every 23 years, just like clockwork." Sam opens his laptop and plays Tommy's final video for Dean. He tells him, "Here's the clincher." Geek. Sam pauses the video and clicks through three frames and you can see a shadow move outside the tent behind Tommy, "That's a fraction of a second. Whatever this thing is, it can move." Dean punches Sam in the shoulder and says, "I told you something weird was going on." Cute. But apparently Encyclopedia Fucking Brown has even more to share! One person survived the "grizzly attack" in 1959.A shabby studio apartment. This is a nice set -- wood paneling, a disheveled bed within feet of a creaky old stove. An older bearded man wearing a dirty shirt and robe and dangling a cigarette from his mouth cranks, "Look, Ranger, I don't know why you're asking me about this. It's public record. I was a kid. My parents got mauled by a --" Sam interrupts to ask, "Grizzly? That's what attacked you?" which sends the old guy into The Reverie of Survivors of Unsolved Mysteries before nodding his head in fake agreement. Dean pushes him to explain all the disappearances that have happened at Blackwater Ridge, and offers a do-gooder fantasy to the codger: "If we knew what we were dealing with, we might be able to stop it." The old guy says he doubts that and then tells them that nobody would believe him anyway. Sam puts on his comforting voice and softly asks, "Mr. Shaw, what did you see?" Mr. Shaw breathes heavily before saying, "Nothing. It moved too fast to see. It hid too well. I heard it though. A roar. Like no man or animal I ever heard." Sam's voice is a little too turned-on here as he breathlessly asks, "It came at night?" Mr. Shaw says it got into the cabin by unlocking the door, thus ruling out the whole "grizzly bear" theory. The old dude exhibits The Grief of Survivors of Wendigo Attacks (not to be confused with The Grief of Those Who Survived Sitting Through the Movie Wendigo ["which, I am saddened to be able to assure you, is profound and lingering" -- Sars]) and says he's never been able to understand why the creature left him alive. He then interrupts the brothers' Reverie of Boys Who Always Think The Song Is About Them by loosening his collar and showing them three long raised scars extending vertically from his collarbone to his chest. Then he says, "There's something evil in those woods. It was some sort of spirit or demon," as a goddamned pan flute makes "native" sounds on the soundtrack. Gah.

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