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Crying Won't Help The Hardy Boys

Meanwhile, over in somewhere both watery and industrial, My Deliriously Devious Baboo leans against a railing, staring down at the river until...the lights above his head start buzzing and blinking and flickering on and off! I'd toss that a DUN!, but it's only Anna and her gross hair, loitering on the walkway behind him, so to hell with it. "What did you do?" she demands. "Why would you let out Sam Winchester?" "You shouldn't have come, Anna," Castiel replies, and she really, really shouldn't have, for barely has she time to bleat out a few more accusations when two of Castiel's depleted garrison arrive to whisk Anna and her gross hair upstairs for a little chit-chat with her most displeased boss. Ooops. Once the three have vanished in a burst of bright white light that illuminates My Sweet Baboo's face in most pleasing a manner, indeed, Castiel somewhat sadly turns back to contemplate the view, or whatever, so we head back to...

...Bobby's Emporium, where The Utterly Insane Ginormotron Antichrist's just now quite rudely breaking into his host's Chevelle. Fortunately, Bobby himself arrives at this moment to cock a sawed-off shotgun at Sam's back, and...again with The Angst! Don't these bozos have an Armageddon to attend to? "I was just wondering that!" Oy. Long story short, Bobby's all, "The only place you're going is back inside with me!" and Psychotic Sammy's all, "Make me, bee-yotch!" and Bobby's all, "Hello? Shotgun pressed against your remarkably broad chest!" and Psychotic Sammy's all, "Double-dog dare ya!" and Bobby's all, "Don't test me, fool!" and Psychotic Sammy's all, "Triple-dog dare ya!" and Bobby gets all uncharacteristically weepy and shit, so Psychotic Sammy yanks the shotgun from his hands and whacks him upside the head with it. "VIOLENCE!" shrieks Raoul, nearly bobbling his tasty flagon onto the carpet with all of the unexpected excitement. "WANTON ACTS OF UNREPENTANT VIOLENCE!" And wow. You're not kidding, my scaly friend. That looks like it actually hurt. "EEEEEEEEEEEEE!" In any event, Psychotic Sammy next hotwires Bobby's Chevelle to tear off into the night, leaving his unconscious host lying in the dirt amongst the various automotive wrecks until everything vanishes into the METAL TEETH CHOMP!

Back from the break, Dean and the by-now-recovered Bobby enter The Formerly Super-Awesome Panic Room Of No Longer Extant Super Awesomeness to find every single devil's trap in the place busted up in some way or another. They quickly and mistakenly come to the conclusion that Princess Embolism must somehow be responsible, so Dean skedaddles off to track down Sam and his petite zombie girlfriend to "murder the bitch" until Bobby reminds him, "[The Psychotic Antichrist] don't wanna be found, which means he'll be damn near impossible to find." "We'll see," Dean grumbles as he clomps up the stairs.

Somewhere...else, The Psychotic Antichrist in question perches on a hotel room sofa, anxiously gnawing away on his already-ruined manicure until someone knocks at the door, and it's Princess Embolism, and she gives him some sass about choosing "The Honeymoon Suite" for their foul assignation before pushing her way inside to reveal she knows nothing about anything -- which the audience has suspected since first she appeared during the season premiere -- so let's cut to the chase and get down to some corpse sucking already, shall we? "Let's!" Psychotic Sammy tosses Princess Embolism's corpse ass onto the Honeymoon Suite's king-sized bed, slices open her arm, and..."GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!" Yep, Princess Embolism's radial artery starts spewing blood all over the comforter, so Psychotic Sammy dives down to lap it all up, and this is just as ridiculous as it was the first time we saw it, so let's skip ahead back to...

...Bobby's Emporium, where Bobby himself arrives out on the lot with news that the cops found his abandoned Chevelle in an alley in Jamestown, North Dakota. Dean, who'd been futzing with the Impala's engine for whatever reason, correctly assumes that Psychotic Sammy's "switching up" on the vehicular transportation in order to throw them off his trail, and asks if any of the area's cars have been stolen in the last 24 hours. "Two," Bobby nods, "a 1999 Honda Civic, blue," and "a white '05 Escalade with custom rims." Deductive El Deano realizes Psychotic Sammy would most likely choose the least likely of those options, and instructs Bobby to remain at The Emporium while he himself tears off across The Plain States in Metallicar, searching for a late-model gas-guzzling abortion bearing asinine hubcaps.

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