Survivor Reunion: South Pacific

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Boys Rule, Girls Drool
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Sophie won! So first, we are treated to a Sophie montage. She just graduated from college! She won challenges! She had an emotional breakdown when she found out people thought she was condescending! You know, let's compare Sophie and Jim. Did anyone think Jim was condescending? He was pretty blunt. But people were like, "Oh, that Jim! What a rascal!" But when Sophie told it like it was, she was considered condescending. Maybe I overly value bluntness. Sophie can come hang out with me, anytime.

Probst had on his normal blue button down before the commercial, but during the break, he changed into a blue sweater. What a dweeb. Like he has to be "casual Probst" to host the reunion, so we don't confuse him with "island Probst." The fact that he actually thought about whether to change, and what to change into, makes me kind of sad. And giggly. Probst starts out by asking Sophie if she had any inkling that she won, and Sophie says that she hoped she did, because Coach got "demolished in the Final Tribal." Albert didn't get any votes, and obviously no one thought he would, because they don't even discuss him as a contender.

Probst asks Sophie what the key was to her win. Sophie says that she tried to suss people out right away and figure out their motivations, and when the whole thing turned into "a religious framework" and all about honesty and loyalty, she worked within that instead of fighting it. That's a really nice way of saying that she kind of thought the religion stuff was bullshit, but she knew saying that would be signing her death warrant. Probst asks if she is like that in real life, trying to figure out where she fits in. What is this bullshit question? He would NEVER ask a male winner that question. Because she's a chick, she has emotions and shit. Tell us about your emotions, Sophie! Anyway, Sophie agrees that she's usually more of an observer and waits to speak up in meetings and other groups. Then Sophie starts giggling with excitement.

Probst asks her about the reaction back home. Well, they all hate her. Obviously, they're excited! Waste of a question. Probst asks if she told her family how she was doing. Isn't she not allowed to do that? Sophie says that she didn't tell them. Probst asks how she describes the experience to others, and Sophie says that it was a life-changing experience, and she knows it sounds dumb to say that about reality television, but it's true. And she adds that she tells people that she was always hungry, because she was.

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