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If They Come, You Will Build It

Previously on Survivor, the clips show revealed that Grindia was a diva, Jake got attacked by a bug, and Ted shaved his head. Also, Erin's ass was on fire.

Previously previously on Survivor, Brian won an elephant trek and took Clay along for the ride. Clay liked the elephant's nice ass. Ted may or may not have been on to an alliance between Clay and Brian, while Jake tried to win Helen over to his side. In the immunity challenge, Penny snuffed Jake's torch, hoping to send the former members of Chuay Gahn a message; unless that message was, "Vote me out next," she was unsuccessful in doing so. During the Tribal Council, Jake called out the others for claiming to vote based on performance, and was curious to see whether that would hold up. Then Penny got voted out.

Night-vision shots reveal the tired-looking tribe returning from Tribal Council on Night 30. Jan voice-overs that Jake claimed to be one of the tribe's hardest workers during the Tribal Council, and that Clay "doesn't really simmer with things like that real well." A clearly agitated Clay blusters in outrage as he asks, "How'd you like that statement?," and then something that sounds like, "Well, we know where number day three lies!" Whatever that means. A concerned-looking Jan watches Clay while Jake rubs his head in dismay before explaining in an interview that he would, indeed, put his productivity up against the productivity of any other member of the tribe, and that this claim offended Clay. Clay announces that he thinks everyone in the tribe works just as hard as Jake does; Jake claims that he didn't say he worked harder than the others do. Clay cuts him off: "Somebody's gotta get their ass kicked off." Hee. Helen tells us in an interview that Clay didn't like Jake's comment because it was true: Jake does more work than Clay does. Her voice scales an octave as she squeals that the people who are working know they're working, while the people who aren't working know they aren't. That's some smart people. She says that Clay was angry because Jake brought the subject to light. At camp, Clay complains that he thought Jake was a "bigger person than that," and accuses him of slapping each of his five tribemates in the face, to which Jake earnestly responds, "I didn't slap everybody!" Clay says, "To hell you didn't!" and, once again, won't let Jake further explain himself. In an interview, Ted tells us that Clay is getting on Ted's nerves. He says Clay's outburst was "childish" and "uncalled for," and that Ted didn't see anything wrong with Jake's comments because they were "just words," and "so what if he felt that way?" Ted and Jan, incidentally, are totally winning me over lately with their nonchalant attitudes about things. I mean, semi-reasonable people on Survivor? Who thought that day would ever come? We see Clay ask whether Ted is proud of him for speaking his mind to Jake, and Ted responds, "That was messed up, what you did." A grinning Clay justifies the attack thus: "Had to be said. Just had to. I just had to."

The sun rises. Gong! It's Day 31, and the tribe members are asleep. Jake, for once, is not on his back with his hands curled into little bitty baby fists. Brian has filthy fingernails, and Clay -- with some serious under eye baggage -- tells us that after thirty-one days, they are "physically whupped." Kind of like his two-year-old? He says they've been living off of "whatever [they] can find," but really it's more like "whatever they've been given." In any case, he misses his home and family, has lost too much weight, and is to the point in the game now "where [he] can start smellin' it," but maybe that's just residual elephant fart. Clay tells us they know the end is coming, and it won't be long now. We see shots of the pensive-looking S6 while pensive-sounding music plays in the background. Jake tells us he spends each day documenting his experiences in Thailand. He says it's a letter to his wife, and that it includes a lot of his "mission." Jake also thinks the end is in sight, and is just sitting around waiting for the next challenge. It does always seem that boredom becomes a big factor at this point in the game.

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