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If They Come, You Will Build It

The S6 arrive at Tribal Council and take their seats before the jury -- including a smug-looking Penny -- files in. Peachy is "just guessin'" that it's been an emotional day for the competitors after having had the chance to see their loved ones. Clay thinks it might have been the most emotional day of his life, and Helen says that having James there was the "best medicine" -- she's amazed that she wasn't even hungry. She adds that seeing James at today's challenge was even better because she also got to meet everyone else's family members. She says it's a "tough platform," because she doesn't want to vote out anyone.

Clay volunteers that his voting mind was long made up, and that it hasn't changed. He claims, "We've had a little tension in camp and, um, it's not gonna be there tonight." Regardless, he says, they've bonded during their time in Thailand and will continue to be "friends forever."

Jake doesn't know how he'll base his vote because he likes everyone on Chuay Jai. He explains that the others got mad at him because of his earlier comments, but he's made "friendships here that you can't lick." Based on his earlier tongue action, I wouldn't put it past him to try to lick anything. In any case, he says it's been an incredible experience for him.

Brian says that although they still have some time, the person getting voted off "brought this upon himself" and could have prevented it. The camera shows Ken grinning and nodding, so I'm not sure what that's all about. Except maybe that Ken likes to grin and nod.

As expected, Clay votes for Jake. Still, he wants to let bygone be bygones because, as he says quite earnestly, "We're too close of [sic] neighbors to be enemies."

We don't see Brian's vote, but he says, "Positivity goes a long, long way, my friend. You need a little bit more positivity in your life." And Brian needs a little bit more dictionary.

That's all we see of the voting, and Peachy's off to tally. As he reads the votes, the only surprise is that three of the four "Jake" votes we see are underlined. They wanted him out of there bad! The jury members shake their heads as it becomes clear that the Sook Jai tribe is now officially extinct. The remaining members of Chuay Jai look thoughtful as Jake turns over his torch to Peachy for his official snuffing. Penny does not come over and do it for him. So Jake heads out, and then Peachy snits that he's "fascinated" that the Chuay Gahns are still voting down tribal lines without even a hesitation, which elicits an exchanged look and raised eyebrows between Erin and Penny. Peachy points out that with an all-Chuay Gahn final five, "the game's about to get complicated." Here's hoping it gets a little more interesting in the process.

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