A Big Surprise…And Another

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If They Come, You Will Build It

The advertisement tells us to wear our buffs "anytime and anywhere." That's so sad.

Next time on Survivor, Ted erases a devil he's drawn in the sand and replaces it with the initials "BHT." Then, Clay preens in a giant mirror, and the S5 pack themselves into a car and obnoxiously careen around Thailand.

As the credits roll, we see that Jan is the only one who didn't underline her "Jake" vote. We also see that Jake voted for Jan, which makes absolutely no sense to me. In any case, Jake announces that he'll turn sixty-one "real quick" and was looking forward to scoring some retirement income, but he knows that when a door shuts, another opens. He tells us he's had a "grand experience," and is about to return home to Texas and "[his] Jenny," where, he says, "I'll be the happiest little guy in the world." Sounds like a challenge to me; Verne Troyer better watch his back.

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