A Big Surprise…And Another

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If They Come, You Will Build It

Peachy disappears and returns bearing the first course, consisting of a "red ants and flying ants" on shiny, gold-edged plates. C.C. asks, "They're not gonna burn us, are they?" and Peachy responds that they're dead, and thus won't hurt them. As the challenge begins, Peachy encourages them with the assertion that the "nice big spoonful" is "just like cereal." He also claims, "Ants are surprisingly tasty, aren't they?" Ted's brother rolls his eyes but manages to finish, and James too downs it and can't wait to stick his tongue out at Helen. As C.C. chews and chews and chews, she says that's it's "not bad," through a mouthful of ants, and then finishes, gives Brian the thumbs up, and does a little hip wiggle dance. Everyone else manages to swallow as well -- even the wincing, gagging Linda -- and so they all advance to the next round.

Peachy snits that they've all seen the next food item, and promises that it's a great source of nutrition before revealing a "water roach." I don't know about the water part, but that thing is definitely all roach. Nasty! Peachy explains that this round is also not a time trial -- no matter how long it takes them to get the roach down, they will still move on to the next round. The camera closes in on Alwan taking his first bite, and water -- or whatever comprise the innards of a roach -- spurts all over his face, clothes, and the counter. Jenny bites and gets the same response, to which Peachy happily responds, "There's that juice! That's why they call it a water bug!" A dismayed C.C. watches as James coughs and gags while Helen, meanwhile, mumbles, "Hey! Hey! Don't you dare!" Peachy sounds amazed as he comments, "Boy, Helen, he really wants to see you. That man loves you!" Linda coughs and covers her mouth with her hand; then, her eyes open really wide as Peachy announces, "Lady Luck goin' to town!" Clay tells her that he's been telling the others about her, and unless he's been telling them about her cockroach-eating skills, I don't really see what that's got to do with anything. C.C., meanwhile, has started pushing the bug around the plate with her finger, as Peachy advises her not to "overthink it." Peachy next asks how Jan thinks her son Jeff is doing, and Jan jovially answers, "Good." When Jeff turns to smile at her in response, she gets very serious and urges him, "Don't laugh!" As Ted's brother finishes up with the complaint that the insect "gets stuck," Peachy tells him to "think of the stories you're gonna tell." About that crazy time the roach got stuck in his throat? One by one, the loved ones all finish and look amazed over their accomplishment, until only C.C. and James remain. Finally, James finishes, complaining that it wasn't easy, but Peachy thinks that if he "survived the military" -- particularly with that ponytail -- he can certainly survive this challenge. Peachy turns to C.C., who says, "I'm out." He's not trying to hear that though, and asks if she's talked herself out of the challenge. After all, the others are all done, and she hasn't even began. She says more loudly, "Dude, I'm out. No!" She announces that Brian kills these bugs for her when she sees them at home, and chokes up as she exclaims, "I can't eat this!" Still, she insists that it doesn't matter because Brian knows how much she loves and misses him, and they're soulmates. So C.C. gets dismissed from the challenge with a kiss blown back at Brian, who I'm thinking is probably not all that surprised that his wife wouldn't eat a giant cockroach. I wouldn’t either.

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