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Salani, Day 12. The women are slowly waking up after avoiding a night at Tribal Council due to the men's idiocy. Troy is already over at their camp despite half of them still being asleep. Look at Troy cozying up to the ladies! Sabrina asks him whose idea it was to give up immunity. Troy says that it was Colton's idea and some people disagreed, but they went along with the group. Sabrina interviews that they didn't realize what a mess the men's tribe actually is. After Troy leaves, the women discuss the importance of sticking together after the merge because they don't know what kind of shenanigans the men might get up to. Alicia interviews that the guys screwed up because now the men/women numbers are even and the women are still strong and unified. She's not wrong. As long as the women stick together, they're fine. You hear that, ALICIA?

The two tribes arrive for the Reward Challenge. I am greatly enjoying the fact that there are Reward Challenges this season. Probst welcomes them and then tells them to drop their buffs, because they're switching tribes. Colton looks as shocked and confused as I've ever seen him and I greatly enjoy it. He looks worried. His plan just got screwed up big time, whatever that stupid plan was. Probst hands out eggs and explains that each one has a color in it. They will all smash them simultaneously to find out who will be on which tribe. They really love this visual; it's the same thing they made Coach and Ozzy do last season. I guess it's more dramatic than turning over colored stones and also makes it harder to sneak a peek. They smash their eggs, some having more difficulty than other.

Once everything shakes out, the Salani tribe is now Kim, Chelsea, Kat and Sabrina joined by Mike, Jay and Troy. Holy shit, all of the useful people are on one tribe. They didn't get one garbage person. That means the Manolo tribe is now Colton, Jonas, Leif and Tarzan, joined by Alicia, Monica and Christina. At Probst's questioning, Kim says that the tribal shakeup couldn't have gone better for her. Colton notes that they have all the muscle. This is really sad.

The new tribes are ready to compete in the Reward Challenge. Teams of four have to carry a large barrel to a water tower and fill it. Then they have to carry the full barrel back while trying their best to plug the holes in it and use the water to fill a trough. When the trough is full, a flag will be raised. The winning team gets fixings for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and coffee. I'm not even starving and that looks fantastic. As the teams celebrate the possibility of a decent lunch, Probst adds that the winning tribe gets to continue living at the One World beach and the losers have to hit the bricks and build a new camp. Why are we even calling it One World when that lasted all of four episodes? Dumb.

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