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Colton and Alicia jokingly call each other "prince and princess." Colton interviews that he knows that he can be evil (DOES HE?) but he also knows how to charm people and tell them what they want to hear to get them on his side. While I'd like to refute that claim, he has been pretty effective at persuading people so far. Colton pulls Alicia and Christina aside and the women assure him that they will work with him making them an alliance of four against three men. Colton interviews that he's telling Christina what she wants to hear in order to get more information, which is his strategy with everyone. Colton makes the same promise with Monica and they hug. Monica interviews that she thinks they have the numbers now, but she's also worried that Colton is the puppet master and setting them up for a betrayal. She also knows that, as the strongest of the three women, she would be the first to go. Monica doesn't really have a choice though, does she? It seems like the women have very little information about the status of the various men. They might be able to pull Leif instead of Colton, if they knew anything. But they don't.

Chelsea and Michael are out in the woods hunting crabs, quite successfully. So the Salani tribe has the reward food plus crab now. And then they work together to catch a chicken. This is an embarrassment of riches. Troy is the one who nabs the chicken and then Michael and Chelsea show off their crab haul. And yet I can't root against them.

Jay and Troy are lying around the fire alone. Once Jay is sure no one is listening, he tells Troy that they need to go into the merge four or five strong and he doesn't think Michael should be part of their alliance. Jay interviews that he doesn't think it's men versus women anymore and he recognizes that the men are the minority in his new tribe, so he has to do something. He and Troy pulls Kim aside and suggest that they form a sub-alliance with Jay and Chelsea and she agrees. They want to keep it quiet even after the merge and just work to keep their alliance members from getting voted out until they are left in the majority. That's really smart. Kim interviews that she's got it made, because if the women have the majority post-merge, she'll go with them and, if not, she'll stick with Jay and Troy. She says that she thought this game would be harder, and coming from anyone else, that would seem awful, but somehow she makes you root for her. At least I do.

Alicia and Colton are doing some nonsense task together and Colton brings up the fact that he trusts Monica but not Christina, so he's thinking they should get rid of Christina first. Why in the FUCK would Alicia agree to that? Right now, she has a majority. Why would she vote out one of her own alliance? She's going to laugh in his face, right? Alicia appears to consider it and then says no. Whew! Sanity prevails. Colton tries again, saying that they might be better off with Tarzan and Jonas, but Alicia says they're unstable and their tribe was crazy before. Alicia interviews that Colton's crazy and her goal is to keep the women on the tribe so that they have the majority after the merge. But then she adds that she wants to at least keep her name out of the mix so that if they do send a woman home, it will be Christina or Monica. Whuh? Where did that come from? It's like Colton has brainwashed her. She should tell him that if he can help them keep a majority going into the merge, she will make sure her alliance knows about it and won't vote him out right away. And also, he has an Immunity Idol, that THEY GAVE HIM, so he can use that when the women have to cannibalize themselves to buy some time. Sigh. Oh, Alicia.

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