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Mixing It Up

Immunity Challenge. Both tribes arrive and assemble to hear the rules. Three members of each tribe will race to get to a ball and make a basket, with each tribe having its own basket. The opposing tribe can try to stop them using any means possible. So it's three-on-three no-holds-barred water basketball, but with the hoops next to one another instead of at opposing ends of the court. Got it.

The first two teams are Mike, Troy and Jay versus Tarzan, Jonas and Colton. Oh, this should be rich. When they start out, Jay just shoves Colton aside and then shoves Jonas down. He reaches the ball first, passes it to Michael who is unguarded by Tarzan and Michael makes the basket. Done and done. Also, I greatly enjoyed seeing Colton shoved hard into the water.

The second two teams are Michael, Kat and Sabrina versus Christina, Monica and Leif. The men start out guarding the goals. Michael sees that he's got a clear shot to the ball so he goes for it. When he returns to the basket, he misses his first few shots and Leif catches up with him and manages to make life hard for Mike. By then, the women catch up and it's a rugby scrum around the ball. Leif and Kat both take shots and miss, and finally Mike gets the ball back and makes a basket so Salani leads 2 -- 0. They need three to win.

The third match is all women: Alicia, Monica and Christina versus Chelsea, Sabrina and Kat. Kat gets to the ball first, but Christina takes her down. Kat passes to Sabrina, who mixes it up with Monica. Monica gets a shot and makes it, so Manono is not out of it yet, even thought they're down 2 -- 1. Monica encourages her tribe not to give up.

The fourth match is all men: Colton, Jonas and Tarzan versus Michael, Jay and Troy. Colton is guarding the goal with Michael and I'm not sure what the strategy is there. Why didn't they put Leif in again, unless he's exhausted/injured? It looks like Manono's strategy was for Tarzan and Jonas to try to keep the others away from the ball while Colton makes a sprint for it. It kind of works, in that Colton gets the ball but then Michael's right on top of him. Colton is quite tenacious, surprisingly, and is able to get away long enough to take a shot. The problem is that he's still way too far from the basket and misses big. Then Salani gets the ball and they take turns shooting and rebounding until Michael finally makes the last basket to give Salani the win. Well, at least Manano had a strategy and it might have worked if Colton had managed a better shot.

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