A Chapera Surprise

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Enough With The Postponing...On With The Inevitable!

The contestants all converge on the immunity challenge. Jeff takes the immunity necklace back from Shii Ann, who of course has to make a little comment about how she "hate[s] to part with it." Jeff says that this challenge will test the players' ability to make fire quickly and keep it going. The game is that you build fire in one bucket on the down end of a seesaw. Then you run back and forth filling the other bucket with water. This will make the seesaw tip, and will send your bucket of fire into the air. When the bucket of fire rises, it should light a fuse and ignite a wok. However, they have a limited number of matches to use on their fires, and the bucket of water has a hole in it, so they'll have to balance running back for more water with tending their fire. They draw numbers for their positions, and the challenge starts. Not Shii Ann! Not Shii Ann!

Rupert gets his fire started, followed by Big Tom, and they go for water. Rob gets his fire started and goes for water. Jenna gets fire going, and then Shii Ann does (boooo!). Amber is last. Sigh. Rob gets his fire bucket to rise first, but his fire isn't strong enough to light the fuse, so he has to start over. You have to really hope the guy is able to avoid seeing that as any metaphorical "Yeah, you can get it in the air, but can you make it do anything" kind of situation, because how depressing would that be? Big Tom's bucket slowly empties, and Shii Ann's fire goes out, so we're pretty much dead even, basically starting again. Rob, however, runs himself out of matches and has nothing lit, so he's out. Amber runs out of matches next, and it isn't clear to me that she ever got a fire going at all. Again, perhaps a depressing metaphor for her. Rupert's out of matches. Jenna's out of matches. So we're looking at...Shii Ann and Big Tom. Oh, please, Big Tom. I can't take it if I have to watch Shii Ann for another week. Tom gets a nice big fire going, and although Shii Ann ultimately gets hers going as well, Tom is substantially ahead of her, and he gets the bucket to tip. Big! Tom! Big! Tom! Big! Tom! His wok ignites. Yaaaay! Immunity for Big Tom, and not for Shii Ann. Interestingly, Big Tom chooses not to walk over to Shii Ann, poke his hat at her, and yell, "Take that!" Which he should have done. Actually, they should all have done that in unison. Big Tom gets the immunity necklace. Jeff tells the group that tribal council will take place later this evening, and he sends them back to camp.

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