A Chapera Surprise

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Enough With The Postponing...On With The Inevitable!

Time to vote. Rob votes. Big Tom votes. Jenna votes for Shii Ann. "And if you're wondering if you can eat and how much you can, because you think that I monitor that? Eat a lot, Shii Ann. Eat a lot." See, I thought that was sort of amusing, even though a lot of people hated it. Rupert votes. Amber votes. Shii Ann votes for Amber. "Amber," she says, "this vote is for you, out of respect. You are the mastermind right now, so from one Shii Devil to another, this is the vote I'm casting tonight." See what I mean? She doesn't hate Amber. Why does she want to vote for Amber "out of respect"? That just doesn't make any sense. So that...what, so that Amber gets knocked out and it becomes more likely that Rob or Jenna can win? Whatever. Idiot.

Jeff reads the votes. First vote is for Shii Ann. Second vote, also Shii Ann. Third vote is for Amber. Shii Ann, Shii Ann, and finally and mercifully, I am rid of her obnoxious, gloaty ass. Go home. You're a jerk. And you're not nearly as fascinatingly bitchy as you think you are. Jeff sends everyone home, saying that they'll have to see whether Shii Ann's efforts to make trouble had any effect. (Answer: No.)

In her exit interview, Shii Ann once again calls herself the "Shii Devil," which stopped being funny about...okay, it was never funny. She says she played hard, and she says that she "wanted to warn everyone" about Amber. To keep Amber from winning. See how it makes no damn sense? Hate-hate-hate! Go away! Never come back!

Next week: Rupert is in trouble. At least that's the way I choose to read the preview.

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