A Chapera Surprise

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Enough With The Postponing...On With The Inevitable!

Jeff explains the challenge. It is a gross-food challenge, made up of dishes from past seasons. And in each round, one person will be eliminated. Oh, and it's not the castaways who are going to be eating -- it's the relatives. The winner will get an overnight visit with his or her loved one. Jeff makes a big deal of how that could "refill your tank" in preparation for the big victory. In this case, your tank may be refilled with recycled bug parts, but that's only if there's kissing.

The challenge starts with a big fish head on every loved one's plate. The rules are that the last person to finish is eliminated. And here's what he says: "You need to show me an empty mouth. Once I say okay, you're good. You can take a drink of water after that. Everything's got to go down." So yes, he implies that you shouldn't drink water until you're cleared, but he should have said that more unambiguously. You could easily hear that speech and think he's just saying that being cleared marks the end of your performance for that round, and you can kick back and drink some water, but that it's not a drop-dead no-water rule up to that point. He should have clarified that better, no question about it. Am I critiquing Jeff Probst for accuracy? I need an aspirin.

The fish head goes down reasonably smoothly for most, although Lily is the first to look as if her throat is giving her a hearty "Um, no." She rallies, though, and winds up being second only to Jenna's brother -- is it Jai? It appears to be something like "Jai." Bucky Bo and Laura finish next. It comes down to Mike and Cheryl. Mike wins, so Amber's mom has to go home. Bye, Amber's mom. Mom apologizes to Amber, and Amber affectionately says, "This way, you don't have to eat anything else!" Cheryl leaves, blowing big kisses.

The next round is the flying cockroaches. I firmly believe that at some point in my life, I will be called upon to say, "Bring on the flying cockroaches!," and I only hope that you are around to witness it. Jai and Bucky Bo pretty much swallow the cockroaches whole. I don't think they're missing out, since I don't think cockroach has a reputation as something you need to allow to massage your palate in order to appreciate it fully. Laura's next to finish. Mike again bests the ultimate loser as he comes out a bite or so ahead of Lily, so Shii Ann's mom has to go home, too. I have to say, it almost looks like Lily leaves with a mouth full of partially chewed cockroach, and I hope that's not the case. That's not the way you want to leave your mom, even if you don't like her. Spit, Lily, spit!

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