A Chapera Surprise

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Enough With The Postponing...On With The Inevitable!

Back at camp on Day 32, the boat returns the four men to camp, where Jenna and Amber greet them. Rupert crows that when they got back, the boys were put to work gathering wood and whatnot. "He knows what work is," Tom says of Bo. "He's used to it." He compares Bo favorably to Rob and Mike, who didn't do anything around camp except sit around and yap. Rupert takes Bo out spear fishing. Rupert pontificates that he "protect[s] the spears," and then rather hilariously suggests that you might not know that, because he doesn't talk about it. Doesn't talk about it! About his grip on the spears! Doesn't! Talk about it! Yes, I've often said Rupert needs to stop holding back when it comes to his love of fishing in general and his unhealthy fixations on the fishing equipment in particular. So Rupert and Bo go out, both taking spears with them. Rupert growls that he looked over at one point and saw that the head of Bo's spear was gone. They return to shore, and Big Tom is mortified to learn that Bo lost part of the spear. Rupert says he's not all that concerned about it, because, he says, "I've got my spear that is now going to be considered mine." By whom? Who says it's Rupert's? "They want to keep eatin'," he says ominously, "They let me use the damn spear." Just try to put that together with his whining about how the only fish anybody else gets to eat is the one they caught and cleaned on their own. It's just not possible, believe me. He needs a poke in the eye worse than anyone. And for that, they will need to make sure they have at least one of the spears left.

Rob interviews with a grin that while Tom is pretty dumb, Bo is even dumber. And I hate to say it, but I...kind of see what he's talking about. Then it's time for the boys to go, because their boat has arrived. In an interview, Mike says that there are only seven days to go, and that he expects that there's going to be "a lot of sneaky activity." Bo, meanwhile, speculates that Big Tom "will fight to the end." The boat takes the guys. Tom yells something as a farewell that sounds like, "Hoo-ja-ged-ja-hoocha-mama," but that's probably not what he said. Maybe it's Latin for "Say hi to our neighbor's sister for me."

After another round of commercials, we return to Chaboga Mogo, where a sloth is -- you guessed it -- moving slowly. Dig him, he's out proving the validity of clichéd metaphors. Rob and Big Tom go to fetch some treemail, which comes attached to a little bucket, and doesn't seem to say much about the challenge except that there will be fire-building and something with buckets. Shii Ann interviews that she knows she's "still a huge target." She says she knows that if she doesn't win immunity, she might be next to go. Yeah, might. Nothing gets by Shii Ann. Feel free to hire her as your security guard. She will perceive every danger, except the guy dressed in black with the crowbar, lockpick kit, brass knuckles, night-vision goggles, and sign reading "I AM A ROBBER," because Shii Ann will busy be telling everyone how she figured out that he might be up to no good while he's busy emptying the vault.

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