A Chicken's A Little Bit Smarter

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A Chicken's A Little Bit Smarter

The best thing about weecaps is that I don't feel so obligated to repeat every move of the challenges. Things happen, Frosti and James are both really athletic but in opposite ways, and in the end, the has-it-together Fei Long gets the win over the sucking-hard Zhan Hu. So that's one point for Aaron's forced leadership. When it's all over, they collect the idol, and Zhan Hu is told that Jeff will see them at tribal council later. One of eight will go home and be really, really embarrassed.

Later, at camp, Zhan Hu discusses their unhappiness at losing. Peih-Gee, sure she's headed home, is doing a lot of crying all of a sudden. People never do that in New York! Just kidding. Peih-Gee follows a rallying cry from Dave with a speech of her own about how everyone should start pitching in more. She proceeds to bossy-boss the shelter-building process, which has never been a good idea for anyone, of course. When she and Chicken try to negotiate, it makes for quite a scene. Ashley says Peih-Gee was "barking out orders." She also has the gall to complain, as the camera ogles her grapefruits, that Peih-Gee shouldn't have been crying after the challenge. I mean, somebody could make that argument, but not somebody who just got through swooning barfily all over the jungle.

Ashley assures us that she's totally fine now, and there's no reason to kick her out. Chicken is agitating for her to be sent home, but Frosti seems extremely skeptical. Chicken says he feels like Ashley is going home. Frosti will not commit. Frosti the no-man! (See, I'm getting them all out of the way now, is the thing.) Sherea tells us that she'll be voting for either Chicken, for being annoying, or Peih-Gee for being "bossy." Dave tells us that he's pretty sure the possibilities are Ashley, Peih-Gee, and Chicken. He has nothing against "yute," as he explains (that's as in the Joe Pesci "these two yutes"), but he'd hate to lose the other older guy on the team besides himself. He promises Chicken that he won't get Dave's vote.

Tribal council. Surprisingly, there are no extra gongs. Nice ethnic sensitivity, show! Fire = life, etc. Jeff asks about the early time at camp. He asks Peih-Gee whether it was harder than she expected, and she talks about all the mud and the hardship, after which Chicken complains that it took too long to make a shelter. He thinks the team needs a leader, and he's not interested. Is anyone else interested? Probst wonders. Dave's hand shoots up, and then a minute later, it occurs to Peih-Gee to try to save herself this way, so she sticks her hand in the air, too. Dave says there's no more time for bullshit, so even though he doesn't really want to be the leader, they'll all die. Approximately. Peih-Gee says that as leader, she would try not to be bossy, but to be helpful. "So did you guys just make a decision? Your first tribe decision?" Jeff asks. Huh? Who decided anything? That was so weird, even before Peih-Gee overexcitedly pumps her fists and hisses "YESSS!" Which she also does. Wear it right out there, I guess, Peih-Gee. Ashley throws her a bitchface.

Jeff asks about how everyone's going to vote. He asks Dave what the tribe needs to do with the vote, and Dave says to "trim the least productive people." Asked how he'll vote, Chicken says it will be the person who has done the least work. Jeff asks Eric whether that's a big factor for him, and Eric says work is important. Jeff asks Ashley about fitting in, and she lip-rings that she was sick, so at that point, she "technically" did the least work, but she doesn't think that should count. How does Chicken fit in? He says he doesn't, but he's not the one who's done the least work, and he doesn't think you pick bouncing the guy who doesn't fit in over someone who does no work. He thinks that if the team doesn't pull it together, they're going to see a lot more of Probst. And they're going to see a lot more of Ashley if she doesn't have something else to wear, but...whatever.

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