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At the three-way immunity challenge, Saboga got screwed by its own ineptitude, while Mogo Mogo and Chapera were safe. Had I only known at the time how much of a pattern that was going to be, I would have made a macro.

In one of the few significant pieces of new footage, we see that on the night of Saboga's first tribal council, the members of Chapera amused themselves by putting on a skit in which they all play the members of Saboga heading out to the big vote. Amazon Rob is playing Probst, complete with a blue shirt which, as one of the Eagle-Eyed Forum Posters pointed out, he seems to have borrowed from Alicia. "Jeff" introduces Rudy, played by Sue with blank gruffness. Sue is no actress, I fear. He introduces Ethan, played by Boston Rob, complete with some kind of getup that's supposed to represent Ethan's hair, but actually makes him look more like Rupert. I believe it's seaweed on his head, which means that B-Rob is really willing to go quite a long way for the laugh. That actually seems like another good way to get brain parasites. Big Tom emerges from the water with a dive mask, so he's playing self-appointed fish guy Rupert. "Jeff" introduces Jerri, played by Alicia, who enters stage right, chattering about how all she wants is to pour chocolate all over some guy's fabulous bod. Hmm, familiar. He introduces Tina, played by Amber, with big fake boobs made of...something. I shudder to think what those are made of -- although I sort of shudder at what real fake boobs are made of also. And finally, "Jeff" introduces Jenna, played again by Sue (who's doing double duty). "Jenna" bounds up to "Jeff," jumping up and down about how excited she is to be there and how much she loves everyone. Heh. It's hard to be the only happy and chipper girl in a crowd of grumps. Amber interviews unnecessarily that Chapera had a good time playing Saboga.

A-Rob does his best Probst: "Here we three...," which is very good, actually, as that certainly is practically the only way Jeff ever starts a tribal council. He asks the group what's going on, and directs the question to "Jerri." "Jerri" protests, with really nothing to peg the comment to, that she doesn't deserve such horrible treatment. That would have been funnier if she had added something in the sense of context. Everybody knows Jerri can be sensitive, but just to start yelling incoherently isn't that skilled, comedy-wise. Alicia, in the form of herself, then interviews that the first time she played, things stayed pretty serious. But this tribe is pretty silly -- a bunch of comedians. "Jeff" asks "Rupert" about coming right back to play after Pearl Islands -- which you will recall Jeff actually did -- and Big Tom does a pretty good Rupert voice in dodging the question and answering that someone messed with his spear. "Rudy" jumps in and insists that he didn't touch the spear.

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