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At the blindfolded puzzle-building immunity challenge, Chapera was out in the lead after the blindfold stuff, despite some setbacks including Big Tom's being flattened like a big old hick pancake more than once. But when it came time to assemble the retrieved blocks into a puzzle, Chapera couldn't get it done. They were passed by both Mogo Mogo and the sad-ass Saboga, and they were forced to go to their first tribal council. A-Rob tried to form an alliance with B-Rob, and he hoped for the best, but when it came time for a torch to be snuffed, it was A-Rob taking a walk. In a bonus interview, A-Rob says that as a big fan of the show, it was thrilling even to be invited to play on an All-Star edition, and that's what really matters. Thus does he hand himself the only consolation prize available. Of course, he also takes the opportunity to lament not getting "a fair crack" at the money, which...he did, of course, but it's not like contestants ever understand that "a fair crack" doesn't equal "winning." He also badly needs a new shirt. Because that is an abomination. I mean, it's not literally an abomination -- it's literally a shower curtain. But it amounts to an abomination.

At the next reward challenge, the first "twist" was revealed: in addition to the winner of the challenge picking up the reward, the last team to finish would be dissolved and sent to the other teams. This particular challenge involved improvised bamboo rafts, and Mogo Mogo's incredibly lazy raft did very well, while Chapera's more complex raft did slightly less well. Sad little Saboga -- riding a raft Rupert designed and promised them would carry them to victory -- predictably got its ass kicked, as usual, and Jerri and Ethan went to Mogo Mogo while Jenna and Rupert went to Chapera. Jenna and Rupert were pleased to arrive at Chapera and learn that at least someone had food and shelter. And the ability to build a raft that can travel faster than the current.

Moreover, it turns out that Jenna, Alicia, and Amber worked on making necklaces for Chapera in order to show team unity. (These would be the necklaces I commented on a couple of episodes ago.) We certainly do come closer and closer to cheerleading camp. They made the necklaces out of shells, and gave one to every member of the tribe. Amber insists that they will have no shame in wearing their shell necklaces -- they will show their team pride, though others may mock them. Well, sure. If people had surrendered their individuality just because the world mocked their jewelry, there'd be no Ivana Trump. There'd be no Zsa Zsa. There'd be no Mr. T. The arrival of the necklaces, by the way, made Rob the most extravagantly bejeweled player in Survivor history, I think. Jenna interviews that when she was at Saboga, she didn't really understand the Chapera magic, but now that she sees the bonds between the members of her new tribe, it all makes sense. Or something. Plus...unity jewelry! "We're going to take [Mogo Mogo] down one by one," Amber says. And how are they going to do it? Necklaces, people. I'm telling you. They are not to be trifled with.

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