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A Lost Puppy Dog

Ami votes for Erik, saying "I don't even know what to say," which isn't true because she follows that by saying Erik is a good guy. I guess they cut her off before she could say "to BURN ALIVE MWAHAHAHAHA!" Erik votes for Ami; his font all artistic and cool-looking. He probably took some time drawing that and pissed off the entire crew. Those voting markers go dry pretty quickly. I wonder if he had to ask for another marker. Erik says nice things about Ami, since he's already said all the bad stuff. We don't see how anyone else voted but Cirie's smirk is conflicted.

Probst comes back with the urn and asks if anybody wants to play the immunity idol. Of course not, but we have three shots of people looking around nervously anyway. Time = filled! Probst reads the votes. I think Erik's going home for sure. The first vote is Erik's vote for Ami. Second is Ami's vote for Erik. Third vote is...for Ami! She knows she's done, which is exactly how Tracy felt last week when she saw that Ami, who she winked at seconds previously, hadn't voted with her after all. Erik somehow resists dancing in incredible relief and joy. With the fourth vote, Ami is voted out. Everyone looks sad except for Ozzy, who's very pleased with himself. Ami and Erik hug and Cirie mourns the loss of her fellow Crab Warrior. "You guys have to start winning," Ami says as Jeff extinguishes her flame of life or whatever. She graciously waves good-bye and wishes them all good-luck before girlishly scampering off into the night. Probst no duhs that they listened to their guts (which isn't a very nice way to describe Ozzy) and voted accordingly tonight.

Over the closing credits, Ami says it kills her that her tribe couldn't trust her. She really doesn't know why they wouldn't, does she? It's like there are two Amis, and they don't talk to each other. So Evil Ami is free to plot and scheme while Sweet Ami, like, saves endangered species of birds or something. "I'm blessed that I got to play this game twice," she concludes. Honestly, I think she's played it four times by now.

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