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A Lost Puppy Dog

Probst picks right up on Ami's tears and asks her what's up. She says she knows Ozzy is talking about her. "Why would you say that?" Ozzy asks. Oh, shut up, Ozzy. You're only saying that to draw the big confession out of her that you think you deserve. Erik says that as soon as the "Fans" arrived at Malakal, Ami came up to them and tried to make an alliance. Ami says she did and she could have stuck with the "Fans" and voted out the "Favorites" one by one, but she didn't. I don't think she could have done it the first time because Joel was so determined to get rid of Chet at all costs, and the first vote would have been the only time her defection to the "Fans" would have guaranteed the numbers. So Ami really didn't have the opportunity to do anything. Nor did she. She tried to make one, but couldn't. It wasn't because she had any allegiance to the "Favorites," which is what she's claiming now. Ami says she finally felt like she was a part of the tribe and now they're telling her they don't trust her, conveniently forgetting all of the things she's done, on both this season and others, to lead them to this conclusion.

Ozzy doesn't agree that they haven't let Ami feel like part of their alliance because Ozzy refuses to see how he's done anything wrong in this game, ever. When Ami points out some examples, Ozzy changes the subject, asking Ami if she ever tried to align with the "Fans" to vote him out. She says absolutely not and only told Erik and Tracy that so that they wouldn't feel hopeless and camp morale wouldn't suck. "The only way I would vote for you is to win the million dollars. Period," Ami concludes. I don't believe her, although I do think she believes what she's saying. Ami has a convenient ability to forget all of the wrong things she's done and the lies she's told and only remember the good. And if there is no good, creating it out of thin air.

Because we still have some time to fill, Probst asks Cirie how to choose between sticking with the plan and voting out a "Fan" or taking out a fellow "Favorite" whose loyalties have been questioned. Cirie, wearing what might possibly be her remorseful smirk, says she doesn't have to make any decisions because Ozzy told her and Amanda what to do. Actually, she says that the "Favorites" are like the "home team" and you don't want the visitors to beat you. But you also have to go with your gut and vote out the person you trust the least.

And I guess we're really struggling to fill some time because Amanda gets to tell us what she thinks. Because she can't imitate the sound of chirping crickets, she has to say that she likes Ami and thinks she's a "really good person" and wants to believe what she's saying. BORING! Probst quickly turns back to Ozzy and asks for his take, which is: "God, I really want to trust Ami. I really do." Ami breaks down and sobs that she doesn't know why Ozzy can't trust her. Probst asks Erik why they should believe him. He makes a not-very-convincing argument that he's desperate and backed up against a wall, which would make me think he would say anything not to get voted out tonight, truth or lie. Ami says the tribe should trust her because her heart is in this game and in this tribe. She wants to fight for this tribe. They have so many more challenges to lose! She appeals to Cirie and Amanda to trust her and plays the "Favorite" card, saying she wants to keep all the Favorites in the game -- even Eliza! How big of her. Truly, her heart has no limits. Have we ever seen someone beg not to be voted out like this before? Mercifully, it's finally time to vote.

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