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Anyway, Steve does his usual complaining about how weak he is and how he doesn't have it in him to continue while Rob interviews that he could be nice and vote Steve out, but it's smarter to get rid of Ralph, who has more energy and thus the potential to stir things up. Rob then complains about the mystery package to his allies, saying "I don't understand why there has to be a twist." Um, probably because the producers have to do something to keep this season somewhat interesting after you basically ruined it by keeping your alliance locked up so tight that there was no possibility of instilling suspense going into Tribal Councils. Rob interviews that going into Tribal tonight he has to make sure he has all kinds of back-up plans and votes to cover any possibility. Basically, he's going to vote Ralph out, and then, if they have to vote again, it'll be between Steve and Andrea. Rob tells Natalie and Ashley that he and Grant are worried about Andrea's bond with the other tribe, and thinks they should vote her out after Ralph if it comes up tonight. Of course, they totally agree with him and say they'll do it. This could be their chance to get together with Andrea, Steve, and Ralph and vote Rob or even Phillip out, but they won't. They won't even think about it. Ashley interviews that Rob is smart and has played this game before, so she's going to just do whatever he tells her.

Steve walks up to Natalie and Ashley, who are lounging in some chairs, and says he and Ralph are voting for Rob tonight, and the Three Degrees could vote with them and turn this game "upside down" before Rob picks them off, which he probably will in favor of going to the end with "Nimrod" (Phillip), who no one will vote for. He's totally right, not to mention that Natalie and Ashley's only shot at getting jury votes at this point would be if they screwed Rob over and thus gained the respect of the rest of the jury. But they are idiots and lazy, so they just tell Steve that they'll "consider it" when they clearly will not. Steve walks away, and Ashley turns to Natalie says that Steve's plan would be a good one for them "if we actually wanted Andrea in on it. But we don't." Oh. So they're not going to make what seems like the best move for them because they don't like Andrea, probably because she's prettier than they are. The girls dutifully run up to Rob and tell him what Steve told them and that they "obviously" have no intention of voting for Rob as he asked. Rob mumbles that Steve and Ralph are going to try to do anything they can to stay in the game, and they all just have to stick together. Rob interviews that for daring to do something to get him voted out, Steve might go before Ralph. And they both should probably go before Andrea.

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