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They arrive at Tribal Council. Probst says that the past several Tribals have seen a member of Zapato go to Redemption Island, and asks if the same will happen tonight. Rob says probably, unless "there's something that we don't know about." Steve agrees, saying "the writing's on the wall" for his tribe and none of their efforts to break up the Onomatopoeia alliance have gone anywhere. All efforts, in fact, have been frutile. But, he says, he told certain members of the other tribe who he and Ralph are planning to vote for tonight and if they decide to go with them, it would be a game-changer. Probst asks Andrea if Steve doesn't raise a good point, that this might be the time to make a move in this game. Andrea says that "does make sense strategically," but she's not going to do it and doesn't think anyone else in her alliance will, either, since they are "rock solid" and stupid and boring and lazy.

Probst asks Ralph if he realizes that it's probably either him or Steve going tonight. Ralph says he does, and it's probably going to be him since he performed better than Steve did in the challenge. Steve agrees, making sure to point out to the other tribe that Ralph is much stronger in challenges than he is. Probst makes fun of Steve, imitating him as he says to Rob that Steve is saying all the right things to make it in the game one vote further than Ralph. Rob says that's true. Grant speaks up for, like, the first time in Tribal all season, saying that Steve is not a quitter, which he knows because they were both in the NFL. And there are no quitters in the NFL! Except Ricky Williams. Although he did come back. Phillip agrees that Steve isn't as "feeble" as he's trying to make the others think he is, and could be a surprise challenge threat.

Probst gives Steve what may be his last chance to speak up and defend himself. Steve uses that to remind "the girls" that Rob has cut his allies' throats in games past, specifically Lex, although Steve doesn't actually mention his name. "It will get brutal after Ralph and I are gone," he warns. Probst, of course, explains that Steve is talking about when Rob and Amber allied and made it to the end, but not without begging another contestant for his help to keep Amber in the game and then immediately turning around and voting that contestant out after he gave it. Probst then decides to defend Rob by saying that he might have betrayed Lex, but he never betrayed his original ally, Amber. Rob says Amber is still his ally. Aw. But not too much aw, since I'm getting really sick of Rob. They vote.

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