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Sure enough, Li'l Russell talks to Jerri about voting Danielle out. She says it's too early for that and they should get rid of Rupert first. "Bad move, you're gonna be next," Li'l Russell says. How can anyone think he's one of the best players this game has ever seen after this episode? Just because you CAN make moves (or try to) doesn't always mean you should. Threatening people like that is just stupid. Even if it's Jerri, who just wanders around like a zombie with no idea what's going on or who anyone is. Even Jerri laughs at Li'l Russell's threats and says, "don't threaten me." Yeah, these women are really scared of Li'l Russell now. He says he isn't threatening her -- if she doesn't get rid of Danielle, they'll take her out next. He's trying to "save" her." "Help me help you," he says. "What are you talking about?" Jerri asks. Ah, looks like her two-minute window of concentration just ended.

The sun sets and Tribal Council begins. In walk the jury, with Coach wearing his DRAGONZ sleeveless T-shirt. Courtney gives the contestants a sassy point. Probst asks Rupert who is "running the show" at camp. Rupert says it's between Parvati and Li'l Russell. Danielle disagrees, saying she thinks the Villains makes decisions together. Jerri looks at her like "huh?" But that might be because she doesn't know who this Danielle person is or why she's sitting in front of a large campfire right now being patronized by a douchebag with dyed hair. Probst asks Jerri if things are peaceful around camp, what with Danielle saying all the Villains agree and are sticking together. "Hell no," Jerri says. Probst then turns back to Danielle and asks her why she's pretending that they're all one big happy family. Maybe because up until like 15 minutes ago, as far as she knew, they were? Danielle chalks today's disagreements up to a "miscommunication." Yes, a miscommunication. Kind of like that Vietnam Miscommunication back in the '60s. "It was mad chaos," she says. "Crazy could not describe what happened today," Parvati agrees. "Unnecessarily out of control," Danielle adds. It really wasn't that crazy, you guys. Come on now.

Probst asks Parvati for the details. She says that Li'l Russell lied to her and Danielle to test their loyalty to each other. Probst asks Li'l Russell if this is true. Of course, he says it isn't, and that Danielle walked up to him today and said "when do you want to get rid of Parvati?" "Liar! Liar! Liar!" Danielle interrupts. "Lemme finish," Li'l Russell says. Jerri appears to have no idea what's happening anymore and has gone back to zombie status. Li'l Russell says his loyalty lies with Parvati, and if someone tries to get rid of her, he'll try to get rid of that person first. Danielle says Li'l Russell just said to her that he didn't want to go against Parvati at the end. Is she surprised that he's lying like this? Hasn't she played this game before? Doesn't she know that she's on the VILLAINS tribe? Meanwhile, Colby is giggling. Parvati sits in between Danielle and Li'l Russell basically expressionless until Danielle says "the three of us are in an alliance" and her eyes widen slightly. That's as panicked as Parvati gets. Jerri, meanwhile, woke up from her fugue state in time to hear that her alliance has a sub-alliance that she isn't in. Danielle says she hasn't done anything to make Li'l Russell think she isn't loyal to him, so she doesn't understand why he's "testing" her loyalty now. Um, how about because it's a game for a million dollars and there are only seven people left? Oh, and then she starts crying. To her credit, she is ashamed of herself for crying like this. I can't blame her too much; I'd probably cry too at this point after being out there for 33 days with nothing to eat. But I also wouldn't ally with sociopaths like Parvati and Li'l Russell, who never cry (except when he got second place on the live finale last season, HA!) and have no concept of human emotions.

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