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Li'l Russell rolls his eyes. Probst asks Danielle why she's crying. She says she's "exhausted" and "a freaking wreck." Someone in the jury box says "boo-hoo" according to the captions, but I didn't actually see anyone's lips say that. J.T. said something, but it looked like a full sentence and not just a "boo-hoo." Anyway, Amanda is grinning like an idiot about all of this. Danielle recovers slightly and says she's having a "rough day" and doesn't know why Li'l Russell is trying to mess with the alliance they've had since the game began. Probst asks if her feelings are hurt or something. She says they are. Way to have feelings, Danielle. Li'l Russell says he doesn't understand why Danielle is putting the blame squarely on him when she was complicit in this. In the jury, Courtney makes the universal sign for "WTF?" followed by "is anyone else hearing this madness? Just me?" Danielle interrupts Li'l Russell again. "Can I finish?" he Ross Perots. Seriously, what is it about little Texan businessmen and their insistence on finishing their sentences? "No!" Danielle says. And people start looking uncomfortable. Danielle says Li'l Russell could never turn her against Parvati. "It would have happened if I'd've wanted it to happen," he says. Well, that's a stupid thing to say, but before Li'l Russell's allies can react to that, Danielle says something even stupider: "I'm closer to Parvati than you think." "Oh really?" Li'l Russell says. Parvati rolls her eyes in a shot taken from another time. "Yeah, really," Danielle says. "Okay," Li'l Russell says. Parvati chews on her bottom lip. While Danielle says everyone is fine and this conversation can end, Li'l Russell looks over at Jerri and mouths "Danielle." Is this the first time we've seen someone change his vote in the middle of Tribal Council? And tell someone else to do it, too? And does Li'l Russell really think Jerri aware enough of her surroundings to make a choice like this? Of course, Probst repeats Danielle's statement about being so close to Parvati just to make sure the contestants hear it and vote accordingly, i.e. however Li'l Russell wants them to. Danielle keeps digging her own grave, saying she doesn't like her friendship with and loyalty to Parvati questioned. Parvati appears to be sitting there thinking "oh my god, you idiot. Shut up. SHUT UP. YOU ARE DESTROYING MY GAME."

And we vote. Parvati votes for Rupert, saying "second time's a charm, right?" But she seems to know something is up. Li'l Russell votes for Danielle, saying if she's closer to Parvati than he thinks, then she definitely needs to go. We don't see who Jerri votes for, but she says this: "I have absolutely no idea what just happened." Probst returns with the urn and asks if anyone wants to play the idol. No one does, because while Rupert and Colby fight with Li'l Russell and Danielle and Parvati fight with Li'l Russell and Jerri zones out in a pond somewhere, Sandra has been completely ignored. Excellent. Rupert gets three votes. And then, two votes for Danielle. She's probably hoping those are from Rupert and Colby. But then there's a third vote for Danielle. She is pretty shocked. Rupert is hopeful. So, how did Jerri vote? For Rupert, Danielle, or perhaps one of those chocolate cake or chicken tenders? It's Danielle. Wow. Now all Rupert and Colby have to do is win of the next two immunity challenges and they could be guaranteed one million dollars. Stupid move by Li'l Russell. As for Jerri, I'm not so sure. I think she saw an opportunity to get in with Li'l Russell and felt no loyalty to Danielle after hearing her go on and on about how she was in a tight alliance Parvati and Li'l Russell and loyal to them. Parvati isn't scared or sticking to Li'l Russell like glue like he thought she would. Instead, she turns to him and whispers, "that's messed up." "Well... " Li'l Russell shrugs. Rupert looks over at the jury, all "how the hell am I still here?" Probst snuffs Danielle's torch. She whispers a "bye" to everyone (let's face it, though, she was really only saying good-bye to Parvati) and leaves.

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