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In any event, Denise certainly has walked away with the impression that Amanda isn't voting for her, because she interviews that she "sorta" believes that Amanda won't vote for her, but she's not sure. Denise tells Amanda that she likes her and believes she'll "do the right thing." Oh, ugh. She tells Amanda that she believed her previously when Amanda said that she "had her back," and Amanda says she did mean it. "Well, now's when I need you to prove it," Denise says petulantly. Denise has not learned the You Owe No One Anything lesson about this game quite yet. It will take a little time.

Courtney and Amanda have a discussion in which Amanda says she's suddenly nervous about Todd, because "everyone likes Todd." Not everyone, lady. Courtney tells Amanda that be that as it may, Denise will get in there and get all sad and start crying. Amanda says that Todd is more "connected" to people than she is, and that he's such a skilled bullshit artist that she fears facing him in front of a jury. On the other hand, of course, she's had a sneak preview already of Denise's sob story that she'll no doubt give the jury. Courtney says she'll vote with Amanda, so it's whatever Amanda wants. Amanda says it's not just for her that they'd boot Todd -- it's for both of them. Amanda interviews that Todd is the greatest threat to her, because the jury is younger (read: they won't care about Denise's crap as much as Todd's glad-handing) and because Todd seems to have more personal connections with people on the jury than she or Denise has. She interviews that she's been going back and forth about what to do, and she cannot figure out what she should do: get rid of Denise, who has a sob story about making seven bucks an hour and having a family to feed, and who's never really done anything to make anybody mad; or get rid of Todd, who is a gifted suck-up and sort of a Johnny Handshake type, but who's participated in throwing a lot of these people out of the game and who can legitimately be accused of snaking almost everyone on the jury?

It's been fashionable this week to talk about how obvious it was that Amanda needed to vote out Todd here, which is the kind of thing that's always clear in retrospect, but at the time, I don't know. At the final tribal council and the reunion, people behaved very protectively toward Denise, putting hands on her shoulder a lot, supporting her...I think the notion that Denise would put together votes based on a combination of sympathy for her family, the fact that she's such a nice lady, and dislike of Courtney and Amanda could legitimately make Amanda conclude that she would not fare well against Denise. Amanda made a ton of mistakes in the finale, but I'm not sure that the jury's reaction to Todd was as easy to predict for her as it was after people at home already knew what it was.

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