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Jeff calls out Todd for having "the best grin on [his] face." Todd immediately starts spinning, claiming that all he meant was that it was really harsh, that moment, which is not true, because the look of glee was obviously far more than that. He also claims he was reacting with pain on Denise's behalf, which: not. Jeff points out to Amanda that Todd just went out of his way to put a great big show for the jury at what appeared to be her expense. Amanda says, pretty good-naturedly, that she understands that the politicking has begun, and all she can do is put herself in the best position possible and hope for the best. She still has a little bit of her nicer smile left at this point.

And now it's time for voting. Denise votes for Todd, saying she has to vote for him since he's voting for her. Courtney votes. Todd votes for Denise, complete with a bullshit little speech about what a great competitor she is, which is ridiculous and therefore kind of patronizing, not that she doesn't deserve it. Amanda votes. Jeff takes the urn and returns with it, and Amanda looks all sad, for the first of way too many times in the episode. I don't know what's up with that face. So here come the votes. Denise. Todd. Denise. Denise. Wow, who knew that was going to happen? I mean, other than everyone watching the show as of at least four or five weeks ago, as well as Peih-Gee and Erik and probably Chicken. Amanda gives Denise a hug, and Denise is snuffed, which she completely deserves, given her absolute refusal to do anything that might have helped her go out better than fourth. Considering that her entire plan was geared toward coming in fourth (whether she admitted it or not), she did well to come in fourth. Amanda looks really sad now, and given the interviews in which she talked about how much she couldn't decide what to do, I think she does feel sort of bad about this. But I also think she's displaying sympathy for Denise because she believes the jury feels sympathy for Denise -- in other words, if she believes the jury feels so sorry for Denise that it would hand her the money, she probably believes that she needs to show some boo-hoos over throwing Denise out of the game. But seriously, this face she keeps making, like she's carrying around her own personal tinkly piano, is driving me bazoo.

Now, Jeff gives his big speech about how Amanda, Todd, and Courtney have gone as far as they can in the game, and now, it's all in the hands of the jury. Oh, goody. Over in the jury box, Peih-Gee nods and smiles all, "Eat it," and I already like her less. In her parting words, Denise tells us that she definitely thinks she'd have won the whole game if she'd stayed in the game, so...that would make it eminently logical that they voted her out, right? Right. I'm sure she'll see it exactly that way. She also rather hilariously says that staying out there thirty-eight days "is a spectacular thing for a forty-year-old woman." Oh, come on, lady. Forty? I mean, if you're Rudy, and you were around to read contemporaneous news reports about the French Revolution, then this makes sense, but forty is not nearly old enough to be bragging about all you can still do at your advanced age.

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