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Night 38, after the jury. Amanda, Todd, and Courtney return to camp. "Congratulations, girlies," Todd announces. Blech. Amanda, however, is not feeling the love. Todd wants to talk, and she basically asks him if he has another knife he'd like to bury in her back in front of the jury. He blinky-blinks like he has no idea what she's talking about. Rather absurdly, Amanda complains in a night-vision interview that "Todd made me look bad in front of the jury." Is Todd...on Amanda's PR team now? I have no idea why she believed that there was some kind of a pact that they wouldn't do things to try to make the jury like them better than the other person, but apparently, it comes as a great shock to her that Todd was doing anything to try to make her look dodgy to the jury. Todd claims to Amanda that all he did was make an "ouch" face, which is a complete lie, of course -- he made an "ouch, ha ha ha" face and mouthed "burn," which is what bothers her. I mean, Jeff even asked him about his huge grin, and it's hard to convincingly claim that yours was a huge grin of sorrow, so this isn't very convincing from him either.

So anyway, Amanda insists that his comment "cut [her] off at the knees," and Todd pretends to be all contrite, like, "I didn't mean it that way." Which he did, and who cares? Other than stepping all over the supposed rule that you don't talk to the jury (which he did) and the general distastefulness of mugging for the jury like a showboater (which he did), I'm not sure what Todd did wrong, really. I mean, I get why Amanda dislikes the result, but...sometimes, that happens. In other words, I think he kind of acted like a cheeseball douche, but he didn't wrong Amanda, that I can see. "I'm not retarded; I know what happened," Amanda says. Amanda explains in her interview again how she's sure she didn't make any promises to Denise today, which continues to seem so odd to me. Like, whether it's a good idea or not, and or splitting hairs, Amanda seems to have been trying very hard not to promise Denise anything for 99 percent of the discussion we saw, and she seems so sure that she didn't promise anything that she's willing to confront Denise at tribal council, so I have a hard time believing that, in fact, she flat-out told Denise she wouldn't vote for her. Amanda winds up telling Todd that he can trash her if he wants to, but he shouldn't expect that after he does that, they'll still be friends and everything will be (finger-quotes here) "okay." She interviews all about how disappointed in herself she is for putting herself at the end with someone who would backstab her. Oh, Amanda. She also refers to how Todd has "lied/cheated his way into the finals." He cheated? Now I think she's just high from lack of food. She quite rightly refuses to accept Todd's "I didn't mean to turn it on you" (which is crap), but she hasn't handled this entire thing well at all. In an interview, Todd disingenuously swears that it was entirely accidental that he made Amanda look bad. He pouts to her that he wishes she would celebrate with him that they made the final three together, but she's in no mood for celebrating. She says they can celebrate without her; she's going to bed. Well, I'm sure nursing your unhappy feelings will help, Amanda.

The sun goes through several stages of change, and then it is Day 39 at Hae Da Fung, a.k.a. The Black Mighty Wind Of Angry Bees or whatever it was. Courtney and her incredibly long dark roots wake up. Todd wakes up, and they talk about it being the final day. "I can't believe sometime in the next twenty-four hours, I get to use a Q-Tip," says Courtney. Ha! They all agree that eating peanut butter directly from the jar will be a highlight. A nearby monkey agrees, but will get no peanut butter. The final three make their way to the treemail statue, where they find the traditional giant basket of breakfast goodies.

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