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As Courtney begins her statement, we see Jean-Robert rub his head in disgust. Courtney's argument in her own favor is basically that she didn't know anything about the game and didn't know anything about strategy and got here without having anything going for her at all. She says she was surprised every time she didn't get voted out. Frosti smiles and rubs his chin thoughtfully. She says she weighed 95 pounds when the game started, and just physically participating was very scary for her. She says she started to get on her feet a bit more around the merge, won an immunity for herself, and went from there. She says she made effective alliances and was always as out there as she could be, basically. She says that whether you liked her personally or not, she deserves credit for getting to the end in spite of terrible odds. Not a bad speech. Like Amanda, she at least mentioned some concrete things that she did, instead of the Todd "Let me tell you my philosophy of how I theoretically played the game, and I am strategic, and look over there!" approach.

Jeff says the jury can now take a moment to ponder its bitterness and antipathy before Question Time.

When we return, the first person called on is James, who does a corny bit where he looks around like he can't believe his name is being called. He does look to be in a good mood rather than a pissy mood, though, so maybe this part won't be as bad as we think. James stands up and congratulates everyone for making it to F3, saying that rather than being a "bitter Betty," he just wants to ask Courtney about a good time that she had during the game. Courtney talks about the very first challenge, and the fact that when she picked up the pole, she was horrified by how heavy it was, but when she finished the puzzle with the team, she was thrilled to think that she wasn't going to be the first person thrown out of the game. James says he's going to sit down, and Jeff has to continue his James promotional tour by asking James why he asked that question. Does...does he ever do that? Does Jeff typically ask jurors to expound on their reasons for choosing a particular question? Not that I know of. Just another way in which James is the most special contestant of all time. James says that he thinks the rest of the jury will be a little bit tougher, so he thought he'd start them off with an easy one. I will say this for James: that is a guy who I believe looked at the situation and realized that this was his last shot at making an impression, and he didn't want to spend his time snotting and whining and arguing with people. He went out well, and gently, and even though there's five percent passive-aggressive crap in his "I'm going to be nice, because everybody else is going to skin you alive" speech, it's mostly very un-bitter.

And now, Jean-Robert. Jean-Robert has the precise thing to say that you'd figure he'd say -- he hates the decision in front of him, because he vowed not to vote for Todd or Amanda if they backstabbed him, but he hates Courtney. I think Jean-Robert has just learned why vows not to vote for people in a final tribal council are pretty much empty unless you absolutely limit them to one person. Jean-Robert gets up and makes this speech, and then he says that he really wishes it were anyone else up there besides these three people. He claims, however, that his vote is "live" for any of them, meaning that he's open to voting for any of them. As far as I'm concerned, this is a complete pile of crap, but there you go. He begins by asking Courtney how, "in good conscious [sic]," he can vote for her. Courtney tells him that the play is "outwit, outlast, outplay," and she did that. "I won an immunity," she says, adding, "Like...that...did you win an immunity?" So now you know he won't be voting for Courtney. She says she had terrible odds and was no kind of favorite, but she made it anyway. Jean-Robert calls this "a good answer," then bitches about being blindsided, at which James theatrically rolls his eyes, head, and soul all over the place in disgust.

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