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Peih-Gee turns her attention to Amanda. She says that Amanda has been looking at her with "doe eyes," and that she's sounded apologetic the entire time. Peih-Gee says, "You wanted Todd to take the fall as the bad guy," which is how you know that Peih-Gee's post-game statements that she came in wanting to help Amanda are plainly not true or at least not entirely true; she wouldn't have made the "you're trying to make Todd the bad guy" remark in an effort to help Amanda. Peih-Gee says that she wants to know what Amanda did that was better than what Todd did. Amanda, just like some of us figured she would, brings up the ousting of James, which was her idea. She gives a totally unapologetic, totally straightforward explanation of the reasons why she decided to push for the removal of James, and she's 100 percent right. Peih-Gee's later statements that Amanda somehow failed in this situation to defend or promote her own strategic game are...ridiculous, because while Amanda horribly biffed other parts of this discussion, mostly by making that dumb face the whole time, she did just fine in answering this question. And with that, Peih-Gee sits down.

Erik steps up. He addresses himself to Amanda, asking her what she did in the game that was a risky move to help herself. Amanda again cites the booting of James. Erik tries to backtalk her, telling her that he doesn't see how removing James is risky as opposed to a "no-brainer." (If it's a "no-brainer," of course, Todd has no brain, because Todd didn't want to do it.) Amanda handles the question perfectly, pointing out that it was very risky, because if James played the idol, then Amanda's alliance partner, Todd, would have been voted out. Erik sits down, apparently uninterested in talking to anyone else.

And now, Frosti. Frosti says to Todd that while he "loves" Todd, he doesn't know if he really knows Todd. "Why do you think that your game play deserves a vote from Frosti?" Are we referring to ourselves in the third person now, Frosti? Boo. Todd says, "I think you're a great kid." Apparently, the ancient Todd gets to pass judgment on "great kids" from the comfort of his Craftmatic adjustable bed between hip operations. He says a few more things about having "relations" with the jury (seriously, Todd, STOP), and then he says that he wanted to befriend Frosti and then put him on the jury, but his friendship with Frosti was still real. Was that...was that an explanation about what part of his game play would deserve a vote? Wasn't that just more "here is my theory of how I decided to play"? "I did do a big huge lie to my buddy Frosti," Todd says. Todd didn't even answer the question, dude. This is where it occurs to me that if he were being questioned by smarter people, Todd would have been absolutely eviscerated. Jonathan Penner would have taken this kid apart, but so would Yau Man, Cirie...hell, Shii Ann would have had him for lunch. Alas, this is a jury full of dunderheads.

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