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Oh, and Todd closes his comments to Frosti with -- regarding lying to him -- "I'm sorry." Gee, he seems apologetic. I wonder if there will be punishment from the jury for that. Let's watch!

Frosti tells Courtney that she looks great (to which she adorably responds, "Thanks -- I dressed up for you"), and he says that he was surprised to be backstabbed by her, while he expected it from Todd and Amanda. Among other things, he's unhappy with her for not telling him when his name was brought up for booting after she said she would. Courtney pretty much shrugs and says she really couldn't do anything to help him, and telling him might have made him feel better and might have made him feel worse, but it wouldn't have made any difference. She insists that befriending him had nothing to do with trying to create a "pocket juror," which I think is a reference to what Todd just said about trying to become his friend and then put him on the jury. It also might be a reference to Frosti being so adorable that you could put him in your pocket, because if you told me I could have Frosti The Pocket Juror in my stocking this Christmas, I'd have a hard time saying no. Frosti sits down.

Jaime is the next to go, and she's all ready to make life really uncomfortable for everyone who tried to defend her when she was unjustly called stupid for trying to save her own ass. Basically, Jaime gets up and asks the Adam from Cook Islands question -- she wants to hear them all shit-talk each other and air each other's "dirty laundry." Nice. Jaime says that Courtney should tell her all the dirty laundry she can think of about Todd that might disappoint the jury and make them not want to vote for him. Courtney tells Jaime that she doesn't think the reasons not to vote for Todd are a secret; Todd does all his bullshit in public. Jaime asks what exactly Todd has done. Courtney refers generally to his participating in the booting of most of the jurors, saying that there aren't other specific bullshit things that she can rattle off. "So he deserves a million dollars more than you do?" Jaime asks, leaping to the conclusion she wanted to reach, no matter what the answer was. Courtney kind of doesn't understand why she's being treated like a criminal defendant. "I think that each one of us has a different reason that we are deserving," Courtney says. "Exactly, but why is he not deserving?" Jaime asks. So she's...not stupid, but she is a bitch. Courtney says as far as she's concerned, "He might be deserving." "So Todd should get my million-dollar vote?" Jaime asks. Courtney: "If that's the way you --" Jaime claps her hands to make Courtney be quiet and says, "Okay, Todd!" Wow, she is making a gigantic, gigantic idiot out of herself. I'm surprised they bothered making such hoo-hah about her supposed idol when they could have just waited for her to implode with this.

Jaime moves on to Todd, asking why Courtney doesn't deserve the million dollars. Todd basically says he and Courtney have done the same things, so she's just as much a liar as he is. So his answer, I guess, is that Courtney is undeserving if you think he is undeserving. Forced to produce a reason not to vote for Courtney, Todd comes up with the kind of ridiculous answer that "she didn't want to be here in the first place." Really? I mean...obviously, she did want to be here, because she wasn't kidnapped in a van and didn't have a gun to her head. Is that the "silver tongue" people keep telling me he has? I mean, maybe if he's talking to a bunch of half-wits. Which...he is, so never mind. Jaime finishes by asking Amanda for dirt on Courtney. Amanda kind of embraces the pettiness of the question, telling Jaime that Courtney bitched and moaned, even when she came back from rewards. She doesn't think Courtney put her heart into the game.

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