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The challenge develops into a battle between Todd and Amanda to complete the puzzle at the end, with Todd entering that phase with a lead. You can tell how hard they're working to pad this two-hour episode by how long we sit there watching Todd and Amanda try to arrange puzzle blocks in a cinderblock "wall." And then, all of a sudden, Amanda raises her arms, and, with a little bead of sweat at the tip of her nose, she's the winner of the reward challenge. She goes over to meet Jeff, who tells her news to throw up to: she has the option to eat alone, bring one person, or bring two people. It seems to me that there are two right answers here, just on the social level. One is that you eat alone, making the argument that it's a game, and you think everyone will understand. The other is that you take two people, saying you took as many as you could, and you just eat the fact that you're going to piss someone off -- logically, you'd decline to take the person you're planning to vote out at F4 anyway. In other words, Amanda should either take no one, or take both Todd and Courtney. Now, as Amanda later pointed out, if she takes no one, everyone else can hang around and scheme against her. So, trying to split the difference and hedge her bets for the first of far too many times in this finale, Amanda takes just Todd with her, which seems idiotic to me. It's true that this keeps the other three from plotting together, but it seems like the worst of her available options, numerically. I think she ought to commit at this point -- take Todd and Courtney, tell Denise she got to eat at the Great Wall reward, realize Denise is going to be mad, and live with it. Or, even, take Todd and Denise, on the theory that Courtney doesn't have enough power to do anything to you and has a weird tendency not to take the game personally. Either way, at least then Denise and Courtney aren't both mad, and you don't look so watery. Jeff sends Courtney and Denise back to camp, leaving Todd and Amanda to chow down.

Amanda interviews that she picked Todd to eat with her because she doesn't trust him, and she thinks that he wouldn't have chosen her to eat if the situation had been reversed. So...this will help? Or something? As they eat together, she tells him that she's having some doubts about him, and she thinks if she's going to be backstabbed, it would be by him. Todd puts on his boo-hoo face and says this makes him feel "kind of sad." Todd goes on to tell her that he's been honest with her all along (except the part where he was trying to get a deal together to boot her while he was Great Wall-ing with Courtney and Denise, of course). Todd interviews -- and this is where you learn that he's entered the realm of self-delusion -- that it was just so hurtful that she doubted him, when he was honestly and truly going to stay loyal to her. Aside from, as stated, the part at the Great Wall where he tried to get Courtney and Denise to agree to vote her off in the event that Peih-Gee won immunity. I'm never sure what causes this kind of easily disprovable doublespeak, but in Todd's case, I think he performs so incessantly and is such a poseur, and he sees his experience so much through the lens of how he believes he will be perceived by fans of the show, that he doesn't even remember things he's actually already done. All he's seeing in his head is the edited episode and how he will look in it, and he doesn't remember that he will have said other things in past edited episodes. He proceeds to swear on his mother's life that he would take Amanda to F2 if it came to that, even though he already tried to get her out at F5. Hope his mom's got her health insurance paid up! Todd insists that the "honest, 100-percent truth" is that he wouldn't want to lose to Denise or Courtney. Unworthy!

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